Tuesday, June 20

Buyer Beware: June Tailor Fabric Cutter Kiosk

Hello Everyone,
Out and about, shopping around with my Mom,  we came across a new machine, at least to us.   I have never done a review like this, it never darned on me that you all might like something like this. and plus, I never think to shop at Walmart for anything other than the occasional notion. This monstrosity jumped out and said try me!!!  It's a "FABRIC CUTTER" and it is NOT manned by a human presence!  What you say! Of course I wanted some fabric now!  We couldn't help but try it out, to see if it "really" works like it says.  I guess we were doomed before we started, since neither of us believes a machine can ever replace a human.  Of course, we never gave this machine a chance... or was it us that failed.  You be the judge.
June Tailor:  Fabric Cutting Kiosk-

As it says, the machine needs you to load the bolt of fabric into the front "bin" and then follow the prompts on the screen.
1.  Open the door and there is a barcode scanner on the left and right insides of the machine for you to scan the end of the bolt.
2.  Then, once that is done, you  proceed to "load" the fabric on the roller off towards the back of the inside of the "bin" by 3+ inches so the machine can catch the fabric.
3.  Close the door and the machine will weigh the fabric and begin to process the item and require you to follow the on screen prompts.

We proceeded to follow the instructions for loading the fabric, following each step to the letter.  Mom is all about following directions!  Now you know where I didn't get it from, because I didn't read the directions until something went wrong. HaaHaa.  

The bolt is laying down and the fabric is rolled off towards the back over the rollers.
4.-After the door is closed the screen shows what the bolt barcode should represent.  In this case it is not accurate, because I forgot to take a picture when when put that fabric in the machine..  You should still get the drift of what is happening with the cut.  
5. Once the confirmation of fabric type, cost, and yardage remaining on bolt is displayed automatically by the machine, you then are prompted to select your yardage length for purchase amount.  In this case we asked for 3 yards, however, later the video will show that we should have gotten 4 yards of a different fabric.  

6.- After the we selected the number of yards, the machine again confirms our cut before it begins. So you need to be sure what you want.  (Side note:  the machine does "supposed" to tell you based on weight how much is left on the bolt.  BTW is inaccurate at best.)
7.  THE CUT!!!

8-10  FINISHED-  The machine tells you the cut is done, and instructs you to remove the bolt and take your ticket.

The ticket tells you the total cost and you just take that to the register to pay for your purchase.  OR NOT!!!  We want to test this piece to make sure we were getting what is being billed.

When it came time to check, I did a quick video... we did not get what we plugged into the machine.   Mom, said she was gonna check it against the tag.  I was worried we didn't measure it correctly, but is was wrong.  Watch the video here if its not shown here.

FINAL Notes:  
We found that the system actually miss measures the knit fabrics because its "pulling" and "stretching'' the fabric off the bolt which makes it essentially longer by digital measure, when in actuality it isn't true.  We ended up waiting quite a while for service.  When they came, they really acted like they were scared to cut the fabric manually.  "Not sure why the was a problem."  Anyway, I am not sold on this machine. 

Use the machine with a watchful eye, and check it afterwards.

Thanks and Happy sewing!!!