Skirt WEEK 2 pt1: Let's Talk Pattern, Fit, & Fabric - Video Scheduled

Hello and Happy Monday everyone,
Welcome to Week 2 of the Skirt Edition Fit-Along.  I think I may have gotten a few of you confused, and had you hunting down the week 1 topic.  It seems, in my excitement to have my daughter come over to do the live video fitting with us, I totally skipped to "Week 2" material, the fitting,  and failed to let you all in on the secret!  LOL   Please forgive me for that, I'm sure you preferred that surprise anyway and didn't even miss the beginning of the Fit-Along Notes that I had actually planned for you, right?

This week, Week 2,  we will back up a little and focus some on how we should systematically select and fit our skirt patterns by discussing a few extremely important points needed in any project no matter whether the pattern is a commercial pattern,  custom sized, like bootstrap, or an independent, like mine.  Make sure to add the event to your calendars for this Thursday at 8pm central standard time:  WEEK 2- The Skirt Fit-Along- 5 Tips for How to Evaluate a Pattern, fit and fabric

I have made three skirts in the last few days, and am very excited to share with you this week on what I think will help you in your skirt fitting.  I hope you can join in live, if not the video will be available later for your to watch at your convenience.

Sew Much Fabric discount code is still good until Friday, June 17th at midnight, so take advantage of a good deal.  15% off your total order, use CODE:  Skirts.

Thanks for using my hashtags:  #sewtofitalong and #skirttransformations

Happy fitting!!


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