WEEK 3- Part 1: Designing a Pencil Skirt from your basic skirt.

Week 3 Part 1: Skirt Designing Happiness!!!!
Aren't you glad we have been working systematically through fitting our skirts during this month.  YYYaaaayyy!!!  I am glad we are almost done, because that means we will be on to the show & tell next week.  I can't wait to share! I'm trying not to get ahead of myself though, because we still have a few videos you all haven't seen and a few things we have yet to discuss!!
I was able to knock out another great video for you on the topic of designing a pencil skirt and what to look for when shaping your seams to fit those lovely voluptuous curves of ours.  And I mean, you will be quite surprised at how easy it is to make such a fantastic skirt happen, with such simple changes.  You will even finally understand what an HBL is... uh I mean, a Horizontal Balance Line.  That's right, I'm throwing in a few technical terms just for the sake of stirring up your noggins, you call a brain.  HeHe.  Take it or leave it, we need to understand the jargon to be empowered.

Go take a look at the latest video here.  If the video isn't showing up in your browser or email... go here to watch.  If you are behind and want to see all the videos, then checkout this Skirt Fit-Along Video playlist here.

Looking Ahead to July:  

Planning is underway for the July Swimsuit Fit-Along.  I have even designed a swimsuit for the occasion.  So here is a video to help you stay up on that too.... here.

Happy Fitting!!!

P.S.  Don't forget, the next video is on Gores, yokes, and how to make a circle skirt with ZERO math!!  You will be so awesomely surprised at how easy it is to design your skirts!!!  


  1. Great post Andrea! I'm excited to start the swimsuit challenge (I better get moving to get this extra weight off my mid-section so I can look good like you!!!)

    1. So glad to hear you will be participating. I was at the store recording a shopping video today for you all. Although, I'm sure many will shop online, I just wanted to show some hands-on fabric selections. Thanks for joining us. Check out my latest youtube video....https://youtu.be/yFusubtXCSQ

  2. Great post Andrea! I'm excited to start the swimsuit challenge.


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