The Fayedoll Pants

One year and a few days later, I finally present you with the Fayedoll Pants!!! You would think this was one of the hardest post to write, and you would almost be right!!! The first time I told Faye over at Faye's Sewing Adventures that I would make these pants, I gave her a big surprise. 

After seeing these cool pants, I started a week long video series documenting the tracing, fitting and sewing over on my periscope. Culminating with a full private pant fitting class in my online VIP Club. Here is the Pant fitting video that did make it to YouTube.

I made the pants with an aqua double cloth linen from Sew Much Fabric, which of course has been long sold out. She always has some beautiful linens to help us weather the heat here in Houston.

The pants are very wide legged and have the neatest bias seam that starts at the front waist and curves around the thigh to the side at the hem. Of course the ONLY commercial pant pattern besides a custom pattern or my own draft that will fit my curves is this one.
I lined these with a super soft rayon. Anything else would have just made me feel way to hot. Truth be told, I would wear a light thin linen any day with no lining at all and would me totally cool with the wrinkles. What's linen without wrinkles.



  1. What a great tribute and amazing fit! Still working on getting mine to fit as well.

  2. I remember when you were working on these pants. The fit is, as always....Amazing!

  3. These pants are amazing! Love the fit! - Becki

  4. Amazing fit Andrea.
    I love the colour of the fabric.
    I remember you doing these and I believe I bought that pattern 🤓


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