Project Chronicles- Fancy Palazzos: Vogue 9319 & M7692

Hello All, what a long time its been since the last time I did a "photoshoot" and a blog post.   I didn't know what to write first in this post.  So, let's start with how beautiful this summer has been.  You see, my summers always start with the fabric,...if you don't know much about me, here's a hint, I love to lay around in my fabrics or have them hanging over dressforms and chairs before I decide what each shall become.  It is my creative process.
What you are looking at here is a culmination of several totally separate patterns and one wonderful fabric working in tandem to bring my inspiration outfit together.  First the fabric, since I am a diehard fan of all things Sew Much Fabric is the Rayon Poplin in a Teal Green Tropical Print, 100% Viscose.  It seems every fabric she sources, just has to end up on my cutting table!!

Let's be honest here...I study a bunch of fabric textiles, to understand what to match to a design.    However, these days I realize there is no way to have a complete thorough list and swatch match to every weave/fiber combination out there.  As I have gone on all the fancy pansy websites to check fiber content the original designers use in order to get the look and drape as listed on the back of the pattern envelope, I discovered one fact, that Roz, with Sew Much Fabric, already knew:  "Rayon Poplin" and "Challis" are not the same and DOES NOT translate the same for every textile manufacturer or designer.  The drape....ooooh the drape.  So, let's talk patterns.
The palazzos, McCalls 7692, is an exact Nicole Miller design, which was my TRUE inspiration.  I really really wanted the shirt to match, but that will have to be with a smaller print.  This large scale tropical print just would not have translated into this look for me.
nicole miller palazzo pants 2018
The top is a V-neck top from the Vogue 9319 "Easy Easy" pattern.  I much prefer the top with the long sleeves, but this cute flutter sleeve sold me.  Some major pattern re-designing aka "hacking" had to be done for "my" kind of modesty.
Pattern Designing:  I redrew the front based off my personal "shirt/blouse" block, which is not the same as a regular "bodice" block or to some, the sloper.  After overlaying this vogue pattern to get the main details, I then went on to use my personal shirt block for the back.  The sleeve had to be modified to fit into my shirt block, which saved me from needing to completely make a new sleeve.  
I am extremely happy with the outcome and totally intend to make many more similarly designed tops based on my own block.  Basically, I can now play paper dolls with my basic shirt block beyond the norm.  This crop top has now been added to my pattern rotation of favorites.

Who's ready for some salsa!!!

Let's get this party started!!!
Oh, yeah, let me know in the comments if you are interested in a video for the pattern portion.  It was my kind of easy process.  Similar to how I do my pants patterns as seen in this video:  Using a Sloper to fit Pants. 

@sewtofit v9319 m7692

See you sooner than later next time.  Until then keep sewing!!!  I'm gonna go DANCE!!!


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