Completed: Lemon Shirt and a National Cheerleading Competition

Lemons on my shirt and my first National Cheerleader competition. On a recent visit to Chicago, I had the chance to watch my Mini-Me compete in a National Cheerleading Competition.  I am in awe and sad at the same time to see her grow up so fast.  The makeup they use for cheerleading didn't help either.  But, I must admit, she looks amazing!!!  What does Third Place in Nationals look like?
The team was incredibly excited to have won city, state and now have the privilege to participate in the national completion for their level.  The performance was exceptional, with ZERO deductions on their overall performance.  I couldn't believe the things they could do.  My Mini-Me is on the support level, and of course the smaller girls get the top tier.  OMG...the things all these teams can do, especially the older girls.
Cheer squad doing their hardest stunt
Fountain fun
I packed quite lightly for the trip because I needed to wear the team colors during the completion.  But, of course I had to take my Lemon shirt. As rainy as the weather was, we still ended up having quite a bit of fun checking out the sights.
chillin in the LURIE GARDEN
Bridge where part of Transformers movie was shot 
Train rides in Chi_Town was an experience
Chinatown shenanigans
my new favorite summer button down  
Chicago Theatre
Let's talk about my Lemon Shirt.

Fabric Facts:
I found this short cut of fabric buried behind several bolts of stretch woven at JoAnns, with no end tag to distinguish its origins. This 1.5 yards of very lightweight cotton that seemingly handles like lawn could quite possibly be considered a mystery fabric at this point. I didn’t do a burn test and really did not care one bit. I just wanted a Lemon printed shirt. Just know it is extremely comfortable.

Pattern Details: 
This is a perfect “shirt block” or shall I say TNT.  After my original fit alterations and testing, this one has become my darted block.  This base pattern is Vogue  8772 which is a great darted basic that can really be used to create any manner of designs based off this pattern.

With this iteration I decided to make view C with the short sleeves and extend the back hem three inches for a more pronounced “shirt-tale” hem.  I do not plan to wear it tucked because I really love the hang of the hem.

Navy Pier

The best part of this trip, was that I finally got a chance to visit Navy Pier, because this is where the entire three day competition was held.


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