DIY Floor Replacement: Sewing Room Decorating Series

Hello all...  It is that time again.  My sewing room is, again, back in disarray.  I am focusing on the carpet, mainly, at this time.  However, in order to do the flooring, I need and must remove everything that takes up floor space.  I want you to join in once again, as I attempt to get this place the way I want.  The first in a series is up on my channel.  Carpet and Flooring: Sewing Room Decorating Series

The last sewing room tour I did was back in 2016 when I participated in a spring cleaning blog hop.  Last year, I also did another studio tour (2017) on video, showing the horrible condition of my sewing room.  It has been a long while since I shared. Maintaining that "blog look" is very difficult.  If you look at Pinterest, you could end up with "comparisitus" (my new word) and develop feelings that something is wrong with your own space.  However, when I watch youtube videos of people sharing on video their sewing room tours, it makes sense that "pinterest" is the "pretty picture" place:  "inspiration".  I'm sure my room inspires as well, because of all my fantastic organization, if I might say so myself. (-:

I become so embarrassed about my sewing room sometimes.  The only reason I share, is that I know, I have been helped many times from the sharing of others.  Any tips you may have at this point in my process, please do share.

See you on the other side of the internet!!!


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