Fabric and Pattern Haul: Denver, CO.

Recently, I did a fabric haul on my youtube channel, about a few pieces I got while traveling.  During my trip, I couldn't think of anyone to share my escapades with other than my trusty "online and IRL" sewing community.  I was intent on taking pictures, documenting information of the locations and getting all the information on the stores I wanted to visit.   I even wanted to remember the names of the associates at each store that assisted me in my quest to explore.  My extra time spent from my family during my trip, was focused on sharing.
The problem I found with planning a travel haul, was when I got back home. I had all but forgotten everything.  I had to comb through all the sightseeing footage in my phone and camera SD cards just to find the pictures and videos from my Instagram-stories and snippets of the short videos I took while "collecting" sewing related memories for you.
Crowded Faces Cotton Lawn and Hemp/Organic Cotton yarn dyed jersey, Fancy Tiger Crafts
Hemp Denim and Cotton comic print, Colorado Fabrics, 
After I began to edit the pictures and compile a video, my list of notes were nowhere to be found.  When I set out to record my video "log", I barely could remember all the names of the fabric I had bought.  So, when you watch this video, just use this post to help you fill in some of the blanks and cover items I may have misspoke. 
Denver Fabric Haul Video
**Fabric Stores Visited:

I checked out JoAnn fabrics out of habit, and of course had to use a coupon to buy the one item I did like.  In the video I mentioned this was a printed ponte, but in reality it actually is a scuba knit.  
Scuba Knit from JoAnns, Denver, CO.

Fancy Tiger Crafts and Colorado Fabrics were the other two I was able to carve time out for on my search of "all the pretty fabric."  Fancy Tiger was surprisingly packed with nice naturals... as you see in the video, I found all manner of organic fibers, including the hemp knit, silks, soy knits, bamboos, waxed canvas, beautiful cottons and a wide selection of indie patterns.
Colorado Fabrics, was a very well stocked store.  One I would frequent because of the wide selection of fashion fabrics, including bridal, silks, knits and gorgeous linens, crepes, jacquards, and novelty prints, to mention a few.  The couple of fabrics in the fabric collage above were what I got, plus one other item that I mentioned in the video, but forgot to give the fabric information:  It was this beautiful poly stretch lace that I mentioned making a duster with flare sleeves.  I'm sorry, but I really cannot remember the contents of the pink crepe.  I do know that they both are poly blends.
Fancy Tiger Crafts was a wonderful place for the naturals to be.  I loved the selection and the fact that they are to be found online and do deliver.  I did breakdown and buy some patterns.  WHY, because, as I said in the video..."I just wanted to be like everybody else."  LOL  yep that is it.  I wanted to see what the hype was all about.  These are the ones I got: Classic Shirt by Liesl &Co, Ginger Jeans and Kelly Anorak, both by Closet Case Patterns.  LOL...Funny, but in the video I kept saying Closet Case Files... I must have been thinking about a similar TV show.  Oh well!..   

I was stoked when the store associate offered me the Papercut, Flutter Tunic as a gift!!!  How nice was that!!!  In the video I open the pattern and show all the fun and great details of the packaging and how the patterns are printed.  I now wish I hadn't bought the PDF download of the Sapporo Coat by Papercut.  I have the right mind to just buy the print version anyway.  mmmm....I know thats a waste. But it is so tempting.  That packaging!!!

Are haul videos or post really that helpful? Let me know, because, I almost don't see the point.  LOL  Either way, if I don't continue doing them, I still hope you will continue watching and checking out my youtube channel.  I have a great time creating all the tutorial videos and always welcome suggestions or feedback in the comments section of each video, or here on the blog.  I also know that some of you hate videos, and some of you hate blogs just as much.  I also know, that all of you appreciate the work I put into each.  I try to keep a balance on both platforms, but when somethings gets overlooked, its nice to hear from you to let me know what I missed.   

Thanks again for reading and watching.  "Until next time.....see you on the other side of the internet.!!"


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