DIY Casual Sequin Pant Set: Fashionistas Runway

After a year of working through the process of wardrobe education and planning, and learning to understand color as it relates to my taste and style. I came out of the year long "Sewing With a Plan" process with a deeply renewed sense of confidence and trust in my choice of clothing, whether I  make the garment myself or purchase ready to wear.
I had no clue what my style was, I would just make whatever came to mind, or across the "inter webs" with no direction for how it would fit into my wardrobe life.   We learned to understand style and aesthetic from our Wardrobe Consultant, aka, Roz of Sew Much Fabric.  She taught us how to pinpoint our personal style esthetic and taste in clothing, and evaluate our lifestyle or wardrobe life. Mine turned out to be my all time favorite: Bohemian, aka BOHO.  My secondary style aesthetic,  "Urban Chic" came as a surprise to me, not to mention I didn't know what it entailed, let alone, how it looked.  I realized how exacting these two styles were for me when I began creating my own mood board via Pinterest.
To end the year, we were challenged to make an outfit that represented our style aesthetic to show at our annual Holiday celebration.  This year we celebrated with a Style Runway Show.  I made this sequin outfit to represent my taste.  Making this outfit came naturally, and this gifted fabric choice from Roz a year ago, (#notsponsored) was instantaneously decided upon as soon as I got the email instructions.  Admittedly, my first thought was to make a jacket, but, I'm glad I changed my mind and went with this casual pant set.
Photos by: Victoria Garcia Studios
The fashion show was a huge success!  As my commentary was read by Lauren of LFB Color, our Color Strategist, during my "Runway Walk" I felt like a superstar and was extremely comfortable.

"Sewing of The Snakeskin Sequin Pant Set"

** Fabric & Patterns:  
Pattern # Top- self drafted tank top, Pants- self drafted
Fabric- from Sew Much Fabric
Pants- python sequins lined with tricot nylon has back yoke and leather waistband.

Tank Top- python sequins underlined with tricot nylon on front, back is a 11oz Rayon Jersey.  The front placket and bindings are an calfskin leather I got on a trip to Florence, Italy.

These pants are the same pants I made in the blue velour set that you all have fallen in love with on my instagram account.  They were my original wearable muslin/test pair which I designed.
Because,  project included so many construction elements, and fabric combinations, I made sure to document the entire sewing and making of this outfit, along with my Runway Walk on my youtube video.  Here are a few video screenshots to give you an idea of how easy it is to sew this combination.

  1. I decided to add the sequin yoke to the back along with the rayon jersey in order to balance the look.  
  2. Because I had already sewn the shoulder seams, I had to remove the seams and...
  3. Cut the section out for insertion of the sequin yoke.  
  4. The placket was created using a piece of cafe skin leather sewn right side to wrong side at the center front.... (details and tutorial are included in the video.)
  5. I used painters tape to hold the leather in place while sewing.
  6. The center was cut up to the point of the box corners as with making a welt pocket. (see video)
  7. Once the opening was cut, I turn it all to the outside, and
  8. Folded it in place for topstitching. 

The video includes the neckline details and how I used the Sobo Glue to adhere the leather in place before topstitching all the bindings onto the neckline and armholes. 
I originally wanted sleeves instead of having the top sleeveless.  Well, that didn't happen, because I forgot to included much needed ease when I used my "knit block" to design a "non knit" sleeve.  I should have used my basic block pattern to design the sleeve.  The leather binding turned out to be a better choice in the end.
For the pants, I didn't want to utilize the fabrics' stretch for the waistband, because I like to have my waistband fitting really, really tight.  In that case, I did the waistband in leather, and added an invisible zipper, with a wooden button.  I left all the edges of the leather raw.

I am very satisfied with my outfit, and will be able to switch it up anytime, to wear the top with jeans or other pants, and the sequin pants, I could easily wear them with a silk blouse and jacket to turn it up.

My sewing has changed tremendously after this experience.  It is much easier to decide what to make and I just don't stress anymore about what others are sewing.  I am in my own space and I LOVE IT!!!

Until next time, see you on the other side of the internet!


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