Holly Hat Pattern: 2018 Holiday Sew-Along

This is the fourth year I'll be sewing my family's holiday gifts while Livestreaming.  I cannot believe how many years I'd been doing this, and neither did I realize, you all were looking forward to my live holiday sewing chats.  Back in 2015, I choose to make a habit of sewing #Sewtofitlastminutegifts, while livestreaming in an effort to avoid rushing out into the stores to shop.  So, this year, I'm embracing that which is me, and inviting you to join the fun.  I will be "Sewing While Live" this Friday, 12/21 @8pm CST, and want you to join me!
Let's see how many hats we can make in a couple of hours, as you sew-along with me while I broadcast Live as I sew my #SewToFitlastminutegifts on my YouTube channel.   I challenge you to prepare your list and gift bags as well, since you never know how many you may need for those last minute parties.  Personally, I know I'll need at least 7 for sure!  Whew!!!  It's about the same every year, so I'm always ready with a manufacturing style setup.

Sew-Along Details: 

The pattern we will be using is the Sew-To-Fit Holly Hat.  The SewToFit Tribe subscribers were sent the Free Pattern Download via the newsletter, on Monday, 12/17.  If you haven't already seen your email, make sure to check your spam folder!!   If you are not a "Team SewToFit" subscriber, or haven't already received your pattern and want to participate, download your pattern here.  You will be automatically signed up for the email list when you download the pattern.  The "FREE Pattern" Code is already applied for you at checkout.

Date & Time:

The fun starts at 8pm Central Time(USA) on Friday, December 21st. 2018.  You will be able to ask questions in the live chat, as I sew-along with you to get these out.  I'll also be giving sewing tips.  Make sure you wind your bobbins!!  We will be moving fairly quickly to get these done.  


The HOLLY Hat Video Playlist:  http://bit.ly/HollyHatYTPlaylist 

Making Preparations:

I will demonstrate the cutting and sewing from start to finish, but I plan to have most all of them cut out and ready to sew.  Here are a few tips to help you make the best use of your time and to get the most done.
  • NOTE:::  If using a woven fabric, you will need to make different fitting considerations.
  • Have all your different fabrics cut out in coordinating colors so you won't need to change thread colors.
  • Cut all your pieces and label them together for each hat.  
  • NOTE:  Lining:  I lined my hats, so my pieces 1-Crown top and 2-crown were cut twice.  
  • Wind multiple bobbins and have ready.  (You can use serger or regular machine.)  The grey hat below is a knit and was sewn completely on the straight stitch machine, with a 3.0 stitch length only. NO zigzag.
  • Cut the Band the length needed and adjust the lower crown as needed.  (This is the only item which creates the sizing.  The pattern is ONE SIZE for ALL.
  • Consider the fabric bulkiness if using sweater knits.  I have researched an article for you on how to sew bulky sweater knits...(not my expertise) Check out O'Jolly's article.
  • Use a rotary cutter and a cutting mat to save time pinning.
  • I am using fleece (unlined) as well as other lightweight knits and sweater knits.  Be sure to check out O'Jolly's article if you need help with the sweater knits.
Well, that's about it for now.  Make sure to set your reminder for the Livestream notification.  Please remember to use the hashtag #sewtofitlastminutegifts and tag me in your pictures @sewtofit.  Thanks for a great year!!


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