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"Saturday Night Live Webcast"

I considered not sharing a copy of the last email newsletter which went to my subscribers only. However, I figured I’d let you know there is a conversation going every week, that you may want to join.  If you don’t want to miss our private conversations,you can participate here::  Join the SewToFit conversation...
Newsletter 1/17/2019
Thanks to everyone for checking in on the livestream last weekend. I hadn't realized how much you enjoyed these Saturday night livestreams on youtube. You showing up, tells me I must be doing something right!
The next webcast is this Saturday, 1/19/2019 @ 8pm CST. (Set your reminder.)
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Saturday Night Live Webcast...1/19/2019
This week we are discussing the "Jasmine" tunic pattern design from the new "Let's Design" Video Series. If you missed it, here's the link for you to catch up before we go live: Designing a Tunic Top
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This week on the blog:

If you haven't seen this little number, it was on the blog last week. I discussed how I took it from a "maternity" dress for my daughter-n-law, to a well fitted tee-shirt dress for myself. More on this will also be discussed on the webcast.
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What you missed:

If you missed the last email, which contained the free Angie Vest pattern, don't worry, more patterns are coming up the pike. You will need to check your email regularly for these random pattern giveaways. They will happen often.
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Links to remember:

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