Fitting of Marfy Pattern 5209: Monthly Marfy Challenge Ep. 2-Part 1

I wanted to share with you my pattern fitting process I did in preparation for Episode 2 of the video series, the "Monthly Marfy Challenge" which airs live on my YouTube channel. (Full details of the challenge is below.) The pattern you voted for me to sew is Marfy 5209, a gorgeous shirt with insets and neck ties which are part of the collar band. I love a button down!

First of all, check out the shape of these insets. 
Back, (Marfy 5209)
Front and Side Inset

The inset posed a little bit of a problem when shaping the bust area.  I had to reshape the lower section, which represents the "french dart" at the waist.  The upper part of the inset represents the princess line.  I shaped the side seams from the under arms to just before the inset and ended near the side split.  These pictures represent changes to only the left side.

I selected a size 50 pattern based on the full bust measurement as instructed on the Marfy site.  Because this is the first time I have ever sewn with a Marfy pattern, I felt it important I follow the sizing until I learn their "cut and ease" base. 

I found that the size recommended for me, was much too long in the upper chest area of the bodice all the way around.  The chest width across the front was fine, but the armhole at the princess line had to be pinch out just a tad, other than that the circumference was "my kinda" perfect and didn't pose a problem. I had to shorten the high bust area between the shoulder and the upper bust using a horizontal tuck through the sleeve, front bodice and back. I added a center back seam, (not shown), for my preferred shaping at the back just below the shoulder blades through the waistline.  I choose not to do any kind of alterations which may have caused the hem to hike up at the low hip or possibly disturb the french darts on the front and back at the side seams. 

This pattern is definitely going into my TNT pattern collection.  Stay tuned for more details.
The full playlist of the video series is on my channel.  Episode 2: The Reveal will air on Saturday, March 2, 2019 @ 8pm Central or you can watch it here.

Monthly Marfy Pattern Challenge 
by SewToFit with
Co-host Becki Chitwood, and
Sponsored by Sew Much Fabric

How this works:

  • Pattern Selection: Each month, we select two different Marfy patterns, that we each would like to sew. They may be from the Marfy online website at or from one of their mail order catalogues.
  • Voting: During the live webcast, you will vote via a live poll on my YouTube channel, SewTofitbyAdlynn, for ONE of the two we select as our challenge garment for the month.
  • We have until the next show, to sew the garment and do a reveal.
  • Fabric Selection will be made by us after you have voted on the pattern.  You will learn what fabric we selected during the reveal.  (Our fabric choices are sponsored by Sew Much Fabric).  
The replay will be available if you can't watch live, although voting will have ended.
_____________________________________ IMPORTANT LINKS: @sewtofit- Instagram @BekiChitwood- Instagram @sewmuchfabric- Instagram (SPONSOR: Sew Much Fabric, (please mention "Marfy Challenge"))


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