New Series: Monthly Marfy Pattern Challenge

Introducing a new Sew-To-Fit LIVE video series: The Monthly Marfy Pattern Challenge. In this series, sponsored by Sew Much Fabric, my new Co-Host Becki Chitwood, and I will challenge one another to complete an outfit each month using a pattern. Your participation during this Live Webcast, will be to decide what pattern we will sew each month, via voting during the live show. The show will be the first Saturday of each month, beginning this Saturday, February 2nd @ 8pm CST. This show is a fun challenge, in addition to my regular Saturday Night Sew-To-Fit Live Webcast.

Becki joins me as our resident Marfy Pattern expert and of course I will offer up tips and pointers on fitting Marfy patterns, in case you want to join the fun.

Monthly Marfy Pattern Challenge 
by SewToFit with
Co-host Becki Chitwood

How this works:

  • Pattern Selection: Each month, we will select two different Marfy patterns, that we each would like to sew. They may be from the Marfy online website at or from one of their mail order catalogues.
  • Voting: During the live webcast, you will vote via a live poll on my YouTube channel, SewTofitbyAdlynn, for ONE of the two we select as our challenge garment or outfit.
  • We will then have until the next show, to sew the garment for reveal in the next months Live Webcast.
  • Fabric Selection will be made by us after you have voted on the pattern.  You will learn what fabric we selected during the reveal.  (Our fabric choices are sponsored by Sew Much Fabric).  
If you can't catch the Webcast Live, it will still be there for you to watch the fun, although, voting will have ended.

If you want to stay up-to-date aside from this blog, please feel free to subscribe to my Sew-To-Fit Newsletter.

It has been hard for us to narrow down our choices to just two patterns for you to vote on. Let me tell you there are a large, wonderful, selection!!! Please join in the fun...and see what we make.
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  1. Love your site! I am getting back into sewing and always wanted to try a Marfy.... Do I order size by high bust measurement or full bust measurement like as shown on the Marfy site. I've been told to order by high bust so it fits the shoulders and upper back and then do a full bust adjustment as needed for my D size cup.

    1. See my latest post about the fit. This was my first time sewing the pattern from the challenge. In this first episode I did have some issues with the fit.


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