Project Chronicles: Burda 8487 (OOP): Wrap Top (Edited)

This wrap top was completed back in late November.  Although, I did my best to blog about it, I failed miserably at trying to schedule out my post using the "Schedule Post" feature.  LOL...On thing I realized: You need to complete writing the post first, then schedule. The process avoids post going live that are merely drafts.  Oh well.... well here is the full review.  Thanks for your patience.
The blouse was one on my list for years, which explains the out of print pattern.  I am still happy I made it after all.  I do like the design, including the 3/4 sleeves and wide "70ish" collar.  The front is faced from the shoulder to the tie-front extensions.  Of course I did a Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit on my YouTube channel that you can follow along with the sewing of this gem.  
The ties, extend from the front where it is pleated first and then the ties extend from there.  The blouse is tied at one side with the under left extension and tie passing through a side seam slit around the back to tie at the left with the front right overlay.  I think this is a really comfy feeling and am really happy with the outcome.

My alterations included a ..
  • full bust adjustment using the pivot and slide method, demonstrated in the video.  
  • I lengthened the waist line as well. 
  • Took out a contour dart at the upper bust via the shoulder. 
***The full description of my changes are here:
The fabric used was a Shirt weight slightly stretch cotton, I had in my stash from (I must have purchased this sometime back, it is no long in stock.) 

I appreciate you all for following and reading my blog...I know I haven't been showing you much love lately.  That will change.  I have a new assistant, she is my alter-ego, here name is Lynn.  LOL.  She has set these post to go live at least one week after the youtube video is posted.  Let me know anytime you have questions about one of the Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit videos, or projects and I'll try and get back to you.  You can leave a comment here on the blog or in the "contact me" section: email.  

I shall see you in the next livestream.  The next few in January 2020, will be on Friday afternoons.  Notifications will show up on my channel... 

Again, thanks so very much for keeping up with my online shenanigans.   
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