Project Chronicles- Monthly Marfy Challenge: Marfy 6180

Let's have a final recap shall we?  I really had not mentioned the #sewtofitmarfychallenge Challenge for a long while. I bet you thought I just let it fall by the wayside.  Nope...I just procrastinated.  I thought this would be a great time to fill you in on what has transpired the last few months.  I can't believe I sewed five (5) garments for this challenge and still managed to take care of my regular responsibilities.

This was a hard challenge, just to be honest.  Have you participated in a challenge that requires a new garment and review, using a Marfy pattern?  I did a video review of the last garment, Marfy 6180.  I made this one for the Sew-Along which was done in September through October, last year.  Planning, writing instructions, filming videos and of course sewing was not easy for me.  Thus, I was hopeful that more people would participate.  However, I discovered that several of you found that #sewtofitmarfychallenge Marfy Patterns were really difficult.  I am grateful for those who did participate.

If you question whether I will continue or move forward with more #sewtofitmarfychallenge sewing videos or post, the answer is maybe.  Most likely, I will try to only do a one month sewing challenge for you to participate in, instead of making it a two person challenge with multiple videos and instruction downloads.  Of course the challenge will be run from my YouTube channel.  So, stay posted.

For now, I want to show you my last outfit, which I made for the Sew-Along.
My full review is documented in my Youtube review of this pattern with moving pictures of me wearing the dress, in case you want to see it in motion.
Let me know if you sewed the dress, or maybe attempted.  I would really like to know.  Or should I say, I need to know my work was not in vain. LOL.
This was my original mockup for my project.  I was happy with the dress, but discovered I wouldn't be happy with the puff sleeves.  So, I opted for elbow length sleeves instead.  The fabric was a Denim from and the chambray contrast was from my fabric collection.  I did the hi-lo hem, and regretted it, LOL. I had intended to use a micro gingham for the contrast, but I was so busy, I lost it in my "Fabric Collection",  Go figure.
 We had Roz with (Sew Much Fabric) put together a wonderful video with a myriad of fabric choices.  As I filmed this video, I realized just how creative we could be with any sheath dress we choose to make.  All references are clickable and will lead you to the actual videos. Not all the videos for the sew-along are mentioned here...There are just too many for one blog post.
The pattern was a lovely sheath dress with sleeve variations and a bateau neckline which would flatter any figure type.  I love the black and orange version most.  The pattern number is Marfy 6180.
 Marfy Pattren Company was extremely generous in offering a 15% discount for any pattern you all ordered during the month prior to the sewalong...and we discovered that many of you took advantage of the offer.  I hope you were able to get a few to try and sew if and when I do another challenge.  Of course it will not be a full on sewalong but will be fun nonetheless.
The fitting process was more involved for those who had never sewn with a Marfy parttern.  We were even graced with the time of one of my customers here in Houston.  She donated here time to the video process.
The patterns are single size and need to be graded if necessary.  I went through quite a bit of work to help you navigate through the process, with videos, bonus lessons and downloads.  I do not regret the work I did for this sewalong.  I just need to remember that next time I venture into a sewalong or challenge, to reserve the teacher in me for my Patron club members.
 I did so many videos for this sew along as well as writing the instructions for download to those who voted on the choice of pattern we would sew.  It really was fun to do the sewalong, but after a while because I was doing all the filming editing and livestreaming, I just plain ole' got burntout, kinda sorta.  Basically, that is my way of saying I was BORED to tears with this pattern after a while.

Please take the time and do me a favor by watching my videos.  Show some love...pretty please.  Thanks to all those who followed along last year with the #sewtofitmarfychallenge. There were several videos livestreamed during the year as the #sewtofitmarfychallenge progressed.  Click the picture to see the entire Video Playlist on @SewToFitbyAdlynn YouTube Channel.  

Thanks again to everyone who participated and to Becki for being my sidekick throughout the first four challenges.
Until next time,


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