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Creativity Challenge- The Remnant Challenge #remnantchallenge starts on Friday!

Hello Sew-Fitters: Let's have a new challenge and SewAlong.  This challenge, pinned #remnantchallenge by my fellow fashionista is an extension of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge started last year.  I have decided to make it a yearly August Sewalong for all and my Youtube channel.  As for the Sew-To-Fit patrons, you will of course receive much more than what I can reasonably provide on YouTube, including extended video fitting instructions and Q&As as usual.   For everyone, I have already began recording and uploading videos for this #remnantchallenge which I am collaborating on with Ann Ngo of Youtique Bridal.  She explains all the details in the video which is linked in the description of the tutorial.  Go check it out and join in the fun!  Here's the video link: and the Patron Blog post for you to check out.  If you will be needing the pattern, I need you to follow me on patreon so I can give you a copy of the traced pattern if you don't have