Marfy Remnant Challenge 2020 and SewAlong: Collaboration

Hello Everyone: 

I am excited about this new project, the Marfy Remnant Challenge.  I am collaborating with Ann @youtiquebridal as an extension of the original 2019 #sewtofitmarfychallenge. This sewing project evolved from the two of us being winners of this Marfy Pattern # 0116 at our Sewing Fashionistas 10 year Anniversary Christmas Party, back in December 2019 . It was hosted, as one of our yearly holiday gatherings for our group, by Rosalind @sewmuchfabric!

Although, Ann discusses the full details in the video below,  I'm adding the information here to help you stay up to date on the schedule and videos we will be posting during the month. 

We both welcome you to participate in this "creative" fun project.  Challenging ourselves to use remnant fabrics to create this pattern and see how we could express ourselves.  It is a project to help us get through this Covid Event and keep our minds and bodies occupied.  We invited our fellow Sewing Fashionistas as well as our sewing community to join us on this journey.  As Ann and I were sharing ideas, this project happened to fall nicely into the annual Marfy Challenge as well. Here are the guidelines shared during our Sewing Fashionistas Zoom meetup on Saturday, July 25th.

#sewtofitmarfychallenge, youtube video thumbnail with ann @youtiquebridal and andrea @sewtofit

Official Start Date: August 1, 2020 - End Date: When you say so...This SewAlong is meant to be fun and innovative for all to participate. There are no specific pattern expectations, except to have fun and be creative.  I will personally try and finish this project by the end of August.  My video schedule is listed below.

Although we are using this free Marfy #0116 Tunic Pattern, you are welcome to use any pattern that you would like during this challenge. We both won this pattern during our 2019 Holiday Group Party and Fashion Show. If you have access to the pattern, please join in, or use what you have. Pull out those fabric remnants and let's be creative. 

Important Links and Dates:
Use this blog post as a landing page to keep you in the know on all the "internet" activities. I will be posting and updating links to the videos from myself and Ann during the month. I will also be uploading YouTube videos on my channel to help with fitting and live project discussions and tips.  With the regular pattern fitting tutorials and the Live-Stream updates, and sewing demos during the month, I hope it will help you work through the more "technical" side of the process, so you can be creative.  Tutorial links will be added as they become available.

Follow my Process: 

Live-Streams on Saturdays @6pm CST, during August.

I will also be a guest on Ann's IG-Live, in which she drills me (discuss's) the challenge each week beginning this Friday, August 7th and moving forward. You can follow Ann's Instagram Highlights and her YouTube channel for replays of our IG live chats.  She will be going live on Fridays at 1pm CST(USA) during the month:

Ann's Dates to Remember:

Ann's Youtube channel is YouTique Bridal and Lifestyle.

Here are a few other links to keep you in the know:
My YouTube Channel Playlist:  View full playlist
Ann's YouTube Channel: YouTique Bridal & Lifestyle
Sewing Fashionistas Facebook Page: Sewing Fashionista’s Facebook Page.

Tutorials and Extra Related Videos:
How to Sew A rolled Hem

Thanks for watching, and please subscribe for more regular video updates and discussions on my Youtube Channel: Sew-To-Fit By ADLynn 

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create.



  1. What fun,! I'll be participating. I have my muslin made, but not fitted. And a bunch of idea sketches. And am trying to remember where all my remnants are stashed.


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