Sewing Room Tour and Organization and Video Production Studio

Welcome to the blog everyone, thanks for reading.  
Today is finally the day I am not embarrassed to share my Sewing room tour and video production setup on my channel. 

Sewing Room Tour
I don't know how many of you have been following my process, but it has been a long ride to get to this point.  To save you the boredom, here is the playlist to all the work that has gone into the process.  These would include:
  1. Replacing the carpet for one,
  2. Sorting and organizing the books
  3. Determining just how much fabric I have acquired (more organization is still needed)
  4. Making it easier to LIVE-Stream on youtube, and film youtube videos without tripping over wires and having bad crappy visuals.
  5. Creating a welcoming space for students and customers.
  6. Creating a photo area so I can get those pictures to social media...I have way too much to do, then to be "chasing" the sun for outdoor pictures.  I need to move on to the next project and still take care of my house.
  7. and....a myriad of other changes
I've come a long way from this setup in a 10x11 foot room back in 2007 to now...below.

To now, in a 15x18" studio loft, which is my dream studio.  I guess I'm really not an empty nester now.  I have created my own nest.  All I need to do is bring my small refrigerator back in so I don't need to run for water all the time.
tag board pattern storage hangers and door
I current still would like to have better rack on the wall to hold my pattern.  I don't want anything else that uses floor space.

sewing thread racks, ikea drawer and kallax storage system
This are is great for my photo back drop, and fabric plus pattern storage.

dress for with Burda style jacket, hp 9010 copier/fax machine, container store rolling cart and Ikea drawer system for sewing pattern storage.
The rolling filming table is great for when I do private FaceTime fitting tutorial with students.

Cutting table, sewing books and Ikea kallix organizer with container store hanging wall storage with drawers and shelves.
This section of the room is storage as well as a great backdrop for my tutorial based youtube videos when I need my overhead camera.

Livestream equipment and apple imac computer with elgato switcher and overhead video mount with Logitech webcam and extension
This is the view from the back when I'm filming.  The iMac is my personal monitor and LIVE-Stream YT assistant.

Container store shelving organization with drawers
This is your view when you watch my videos on the Tube.

Bernina sewing machine, Bernina serger, juki industrial sewing machine, jenome coverstitch
The production are is here, and a few hidden cameras, make it ease for me to record my sewing process as well.

Bernina sewing machine, Bernina serger, juki industrial sewing machine, jenome coverstitch
Sewing machines and sewing machines.

Bernina sewing machine, Bernina serger, juki industrial sewing machine, jenome coverstitch

You can read more about prior attempts to this dilemma in previous blog post with pictures. Here are a few that show how far I have come and how much of a difference there is now with just changing the carpet. 
The previous love hate relationship with my old carpet.

Thanks for reading and especially, thanks for watching my videos.  It really helps my channel and increases my "youtube" score.  
Talk soon,


  1. Your space is looking great! And I too have a love/hate carpet in the sewing room. I'm not sure if I want the current carpet to wear out sooner than later, so it can be replaced, OTOH I'm SO not looking forward to taking all out of the room and closet!!

    1. Yes ma’am. I had the hardest time organizing just for the move. I can’t really see how I amassed so much stuff.

  2. I love your new space! Light and bright, not only easy to sew in but also film...and no carpet! I hope you have so many wonderful sewing adventures in your new space!

    1. Thanks Carolyn, funny you might say adventures... that’s all I have. Even now I seem to manage a new crazy adventure with every project. It’s like I’m on Jumanji sometimes. If it’s not a missing presser foot, lost pattern pieces , broken lamps or stabbing my fingers, then it’s not real. Lol 😂


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