Project Chronicles: Butterick 6680- My everyday Dress look....

Good afternoon Sew-Fitters,
I'm happy to finally share this look with you.  By finally, I mean, sit down and type this post.  As it seems, for some reason, I am more inclined lately to share on my blog.  I feel warm and fuzzy on my blog, with less of the need to keep to a few finely curated words, #hashtag-s or sentences. Here, I can just type uninhibited by limitations.  That sorta breaks the flow.  Do you feel that way sometimes? 

Moving on.... 
This look is one I sewed as part of my wardrobe plans from more than a year ago.  Having a nice guiding principle, my own taste, is a good way to determine what to make, and know that whatever it is, will fit my lifestyle.   I prefer the Boho and Urban chic look.  A little sporty with a whole lot of sassy.  I suppose we all are continually improving our wardrobes for the lifestyle we live.  However, for me at this time, I love wearing dresses or sporty looks, even if it is with a pair of white chucks or flats.  My secret sauce is a good comfy dress.  This dress is made for all day wear, with a quick run to, OH...let me think....the mailbox or the doctors, or whatever else we do nowadays.  In my case, family and friends houses.    
Let's get into the details shall we...  The pattern is Butterick 6680, if you haven't gathered that from the title of this post.  A very nicely placed godet inset and minimal side gathering on the front and back at the waist would describe this dress as a very foxy number for a date.  For, me however, this is uniform wear, and great to wear under a cozy sweater or let those "guns" we call biceps shine true.  (STOP!!..don't you dare zoom in on my arms.  Just trust me, they are there.)

True to who I am, I also enjoyed the fun of filming my process for the fitting (part 1)  and the sewing (part 2)  on my youtube channel.   You can check out the fitting video details.
or the sewing process video and full information in this video:  
The dress is actually very deceiving as for per the look and fit.  I Think the envelope as per usual, doesn't give it just at all.  I've had it in my "to sew" box for a couple years now.  It is very lovely.  If you aren't into the shorter version, I really think it would be gorgeous as a solid color maxi/floor length as well.  I do not like big flowing maxi's.  I like this to actually skim very closely to my body, and then flow out from the hips.  This does just that, with the added Godet.  

I cut View B, with the following adjustments:
  • shortened it by 2 inches below the gathers and through the godet above the flounce.
I got a question on my channel as to what a godet really is, thus this definition is warranted for those who inquire:
      • A godet is an extra piece of fabric in the shape of a circular sector which is set into a garment, usually a dress or skirt. The addition of a godet causes the article of clothing in question to flare, thus adding width and volume. The most popular use of godets is in petticoats. Wikipedia
      •  noun
        1. a triangular piece of material inserted in a dress, shirt, or glove to make it flared or for ornamentation.
          "a blue godet skirt"
  • Cut the upper portion a size 16 and in to a size 14 at the waist with a..
  • forward should adjustment and 
  • shortened the armhole band by 2 inches to create a snugger fit
I'm really very satisfied with the look and feel of this dress.  The lightweight rayon jersey I got a couple years ago from is perfect for lifting my spirits.  I feel like I'm on the beach somewhere far away from the impending chill of "winter".  Lol.

Thanks for reading,
I hope the best for your projects.


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