Sew-Along Part 1- 4-B and Mini Wardrobe Series- Butterick 6600

Welcome back everyone,

Today is the beginning of a new Sew-Along, aka Sew-To-FitAlong I'm hosting on my youtube channel.  All the videos will be posted there and this blog post will serve as a "landing page" of sorts for all the links, notions and fabric information and all the required additional tips as I see a need to add during the process.  

The Fit-Along Series is broken down into five parts which will be posted to my youtube channel each Thursday.  All the videos will be in one playlist so you can access each part when you are ready.  Each week's video will be made public on the dates listed below:

Part 1 - Introduction, fabric, notions, sewing plans, what to expect 

Part 2 - T-shirt and dress View B & C (Fit/cut/sew)  (Blog Post)

Part 3 - Pants (View E) (Fit/Cut/Sew) (Video)

Part 4a - Jumpsuit Pattern Fitting and Redesign (View D) (Fit, Redesign & Cut)

Part 5 - Jacket (View A) (Fit/Cut/Sew) TBA

I will, of course be making pattern modifications to mine in the interim as we work through the fit-along.   (You are welcome to checkout my Patreon Page for information about additional videos that will help with sewing this project.

Fabrics:  most are detailed and explained in the videos.

*Sew Keys-e tape

*Rayon (11oz) jerseys (

*matte jerseys

*Sweater knits, etc.

Notions:  - 

**30” Separating Zipper -  (Sew Much Fabric: 

**28" Separating Zippers

**Sew keys-e

**1  1/4 Yards of 3/4" Elastic

**Two Hook and eyes closures for the Jumpsuit 

** hem tape

Related Video links:

***How to Sew a Sleeve in a Knit Top and T-Shirt

***T-Shirt making- Hem & Side seams

***How to fit a Cardigan- Tissue Fitting for sewing Knits fabric

Related Blog post:  

—- Jens Palazzo pants

—-Palazzo pants

—-Moms jumpsuit: This post will show how I tested all the fabric samples and stitches on the serger/overlock.

—-White T-shirt 2015 McCall’s 6355


Take the time to test several stitches in order to create the optimum seam finishes for your fabric and project before you start stitching.

Also, test the stretch percentage of your chosen fabric as I describe in the video.  Here are a couple pictures that will get you started with an example.

I hope you plan to participate.  

Thanks for reading the blog.



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