Sew-Along Part 2: Mini Wardrobe Series- Butterick 6600- Fitting the pattern, cutting and sewing a T-Shirt or Dress

Happy Saturday Sew-Fitters,

OMG, I am in love with this T-Shirt. My plans really were only to make this pattern for the sewAlong, since I normally use my own sloper/block to create my t-shirts and such. But every pattern has a little something, something to make you feel special. I guess there is always a treat. This pattern, has that oversized 1" v-neck collar band. A little tricky to get right at first, but once you master that front v-neck, you will be happy you took the time to work it out.
I used a double top-stitch, on the cover stitch machine and I even managed to turn the corner. I'm still working on that clean finish technique. It's almost like using a double needle to top-stitch, which was a feat in itself. Not all perfect, but remember, I'll never reach my perfection, it's too flawed in and of itself. So in this case, I'll accept the beautiful outcome of my best efforts. Who said I was a master of all....?, #sewtofitalong
The pattern called for a minimum of 35% stretch fabric. I used my favorite jersey from Sew Much Fabric, a rayon jersey, which has 75% stretch factor. It's just thick enough, at 11oz, to have the opacity I want, plus has wonderful drape and recovery. This one is a really pretty heathered denim look. I should have enough to create the bottoms during this sew-along. If not, I'll just make shorts or a skirt since she doesn't have this color anymore. Of course, I have plenty others in my collection from which to choose. LOL.. who doesn't have a "collection?"
You can skip ahead in the video to watch the sewing steps I followed to complete the t-shirt and test the fit, including how I completed the sleeves and neckline.

The length is perfect as well, considering I lengthened the pattern 2 1/2 inches total. Part of the length was at the actual waist and 1" at the hem. I cut a size medium based off the pattern finished measurements, and then proceeded to increase the sides accordingly using the pivot & slide method of pattern adjustments. Most adjustments were made in the areas necessary to fit the section of my body. So, basically, if you asked me what size I cut, I would say.... My Size.
  • 3/8" at the bust front & back
  • 1" at the front waist only, 2.25" at hip back only.
  • Forward shoulder adjustment,
  • Sleeves were adjusted quite a bit to get the look I wanted.
    • 1" increase
    • cut 3/4 length instead of short or long
    • trimmed back edge to smooth out the back.
All the full sewing details for this portion of the sewalong are detailed pretty in-depth in the video.
If you have not been following, this is part of the Mini-Wardrobe Series Sew-Along for Butterick 6600.

Thanks for keeping up with the process.  Please tag #sewtofitalong or comment on the video to let me know if you are keeping up with the process.  

Until next time,
...keep sewing.


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