My Favorite Fitting Books -"24 Days of Pattern Fitting VLOGMAS"

I have been LIVE-Streaming on my Youtube channel everyday for the 1st 24 days of December.  I call this series: "24 Days of Pattern Fitting #Vlogmas2020" Today is my Favorite Books.

It has really been quite fun to engage with everyone who shows at such an early time in the mornings to participate.  I hope you have been taking a look at the videos to see what be cracking on the channel. 

Today, I am discussing my favorite fitting books, and decided to use this post as a landing page for that list of books.  There are many that I will not have time to review on one video, yet I hope you will get the one idea, that every problem cannot be solved by one technique. There is no magic "fitting pill" for your body, your taste, nor your style.  

I hope these videos will get you started on your way to a better understanding of patterns, which will in turn lead you to a better understanding of fit.

This is my Amazon shop that has the complete list of my books for now that should help you to see what I use, as well as be great if you could please use my links to help support my efforts via the affiliate links found in the list.

Thanks for your time, and happy fitting.


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