Sewing Unfinished Projects, and Works in Progress (11-10-2021)

Thanks for joining the live broadcast of the Sew-To-Fit Sew & Chat on my YouTube Channel.  The video will show details of the current project.  If you are able to watch live... please check out the video.  A few days after the livestream is over, you will be able to "use the speed" indicator to run through the video if you are short on time.  Check the description of the video to find the timestamps and chapters.  

Remember, if you want to join the chat live, you can check my channel for upcoming streams. 

These live broadcast Sew & Chats are our time to communicate and chat with other crafters, sewin enthusiast and artisans.  I hope you find value and entertainment in each visit to my studio as I share my sewing, pattern fitting, and designing process.  

In case you want to check out more detailed content during weekly zoom hangouts, then visit my Patreon page to get more details. (Check the menu link above.)

Patterns used in the broadcast are most often special benefits of our Sew-Fitters members in the Patron group.

Talk later.


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