Wardrobe Fit-Along

This history of how I got started with teaching fit online, began with a project started in my personal sewing group. This is a list of the progression and the associated blog post and youtube videos to help you learn more about me and how I got started with "The Wardrobe Fit-Along", hash tagged and now referred to as #sewtofitalong. 

fit-along- Tissue Fit- Cardigan-2
The Wardrobe Fit-Along Begins
Aug 30, 2015 ... Wardrobe planning and sewing with a plan (SWAP) has been on my mind for ... We can call it the "Wardrobe Fit-along," to make sure our new ...
Blouse Fitting: The Wardrobe Fit-Along Continues
Sep 7, 2015 ... As we continue to build a great fitting wardrobe, I continue to welcome you to follow along via my YouTube channel as I fit one of my group members.
IMG 8876
The Classic White Shirt
Sep 24, 2015 ... The white shirt is considers a true staple in any wardrobe.  Sew along and fit you own shirt by watching this series of videos that help you to make everything from the dreaded FBA to the swayback and the large bicep.
IMG 6153
The Wardrobe Fit-Along: Sheath Dress
Nov 20, 2015 ... My Sewing Fashionistas Sewing group "Wardrobe Fit-Along" is still going.  The sheath dress is next on the list, but this time I wanted you to see how customizable downloadable  patterns work to save us valuable time from slashing & spreading tissue paper and get us to the fun of sewing.
IMG 6661
Sheath Dress Chronicles:: I Am not a Stepford Wife!!
Jun 17, 2016 ... I sure needed a new dress in my wardrobe, but breaking down and making one was hard.  Thank goodness for this wardrobe fit-along.  There are many, many videos in this dress fitting installment of our fit-along.  Get that sheath dress completed with all these helps.
Denim Jacket- Side swag with title
The Denim Jacket: The Wardrobe Fit-Along Continues 
Mar 4, 2016 ... This Wardrobe Fit-Along is an ongoing process that has grown more than I though it would in such a short time. If you want to continue keeping up with my shenanigans and wardrobe building, this jacket is next up. 
The Knit T-shirt/Dress- Wardrobe Fit-Along Basics
Sep 6, 2016 ... This t-shirt dress look was another step towards having the best fitting wardrobe ever.  There are plenty videos to get you fitted with a great basic "t-shirt" sloper or block.


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