Wednesday, August 2

The Misty Knit Top Sew-along Video Part 1- 8/1/2017

Part 1 of the Video Sew-along for my Knit Top pattern has begun.  This video is an introduction of the Misty Knit Top Sew-Along and goes over choosing the size and fabric.  Simple instructions on what to expect and where to find the pattern and other information to help you get started.
If want to join in the sew-along, you can check the information in the "side-bar" here on the blog and get the update of each video as it goes up on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for joining in the fun!!!!

Monday, July 24

The Fayedoll Pants

One year and a few days later, I finally present you with the Fayedoll Pants!!! You would think this was one of the hardest post to write, and you would almost be right!!! The first time I told Faye over at Faye's Sewing Adventures that I would make these pants, I gave her a big surprise. 

Saturday, July 22

The Misty Split Sleeve Top Turned Dress by Sew-To-Fit AD Lynn

Meet the Misty Top by Sew-To-Fit by AD Lynn patterns.  This is one of my first, aside from the Fitting and Designing Block I created to use in my classes.  I am stoked at the reception she has gotten since I rolled her out in April.  Now I am happy to present her to you all here on the blog.  

Monday, June 26

Pattern Review: Romper or Jumpsuit- Vogue 9260

Happy SewSew everyone,
Today is a quick review on a new commercial pattern that fits my way of dressing perfectly for summer heat.  It is a  new favorite for now.  How many times have we said this about a new pattern?  At the time of this posting, this is actually a favorite.  Later post will prove something new, so don't hold my feet to the fire please.

Saturday, June 24

Week 3: Part 2- Designing More Skirts: Yokes, Gores, A-Lines & No Math Circle Skirt!!

Well happy Saturday SewDay!!!
Is it time to say, you know all you need to know about fitting and designing your skirts.  Or, is this where you tell me, you haven't been paying attention?  I have just two questions for you.
  1. Did you know every possible skirt can be made from a basic straight skirt?
  2. Did you also know a circle skirt will have an automatic Full Butt adjustment and needs no MATH and does not hike up in the back!!??
    Circle skirts that DONOT hike up in the back.
    Google Image

Friday, June 23

WEEK 3- Part 1: Designing a Pencil Skirt from your basic skirt.

Week 3 Part 1: Skirt Designing Happiness!!!!
Aren't you glad we have been working systematically through fitting our skirts during this month.  YYYaaaayyy!!!  I am glad we are almost done, because that means we will be on to the show & tell next week.  I can't wait to share! I'm trying not to get ahead of myself though, because we still have a few videos you all haven't seen and a few things we have yet to discuss!!
I was able to knock out another great video for you on the topic of designing a pencil skirt and what to look for when shaping your seams to fit those lovely voluptuous curves of ours.  And I mean, you will be quite surprised at how easy it is to make such a fantastic skirt happen, with such simple changes.  You will even finally understand what an HBL is... uh I mean, a Horizontal Balance Line.  That's right, I'm throwing in a few technical terms just for the sake of stirring up your noggins, you call a brain.  HeHe.  Take it or leave it, we need to understand the jargon to be empowered.

Go take a look at the latest video here.  If the video isn't showing up in your browser or email... go here to watch.  If you are behind and want to see all the videos, then checkout this Skirt Fit-Along Video playlist here.

Looking Ahead to July:  

Planning is underway for the July Swimsuit Fit-Along.  I have even designed a swimsuit for the occasion.  So here is a video to help you stay up on that too.... here.

Happy Fitting!!!

P.S.  Don't forget, the next video is on Gores, yokes, and how to make a circle skirt with ZERO math!!  You will be so awesomely surprised at how easy it is to design your skirts!!!  

Tuesday, June 20

Buyer Beware: June Tailor Fabric Cutter Kiosk

Hello Everyone,
Out and about, shopping around with my Mom,  we came across a new machine, at least to us.   I have never done a review like this, it never darned on me that you all might like something like this. and plus, I never think to shop at Walmart for anything other than the occasional notion. This monstrosity jumped out and said try me!!!  It's a "FABRIC CUTTER" and it is NOT manned by a human presence!  What you say! Of course I wanted some fabric now!  We couldn't help but try it out, to see if it "really" works like it says.  I guess we were doomed before we started, since neither of us believes a machine can ever replace a human.  Of course, we never gave this machine a chance... or was it us that failed.  You be the judge.
June Tailor:  Fabric Cutting Kiosk-

Friday, June 16

Skirt WEEK 2 pt2: Fitting The Pencil Skirt and New Video

Well Happy Friday everyone!!!
All right then, we have another great video added to our Skirt fitting playlist over on youtube in our wardrobe fit-along series. Thank you all for joining in as we are working during the month of June to fit our skirts.  Today, we had another surprise visit from my daughter, Jennifer, to get her skirt fitted. I am getting really spoiled to be receiving so much support and help from her this month for this series.  This really helps me to focus on the fitting and bringing you great tips.
Fitting the pencil skirt for plus-size woman and misses sizes.  Pattern making and sewing alterations.

If you are new to the blog or this series, please click here to see the complete playlist and descriptions of each video part for the Skirt Edition of this fit-along.  Thanks for using my hashtags:  #sewtofitalong and #skirttransformations

This weeks Livestream from last night, June 15, on YouTube here, was great and I certainly appreciate those who were able to join in live and get their questions answered while we discussed the topic of how fabric can change the actual fit and drape of the garments we make no matter the type of pattern we use.  The video is embedded below.  If it is not visible, click here.


Thanks to these folks for the SuperChat Donations during the livestream!!!
THANK YOU for supporting the channel as I work to continue bringing you GREAT content!!!

Upcoming Fit-Along Videos are scheduled for:

June 22nd Live on Youtube @ 8pm
June 29th Live on Youtube @ 8pm.

Check here for continued updates and a complete list of upcoming activities for the fit-along and make sure your are subscribed to my youtube channel here, to get updates on new videos.

Until next time:  sew some skirts!!