Monday, February 6

Bootstrap and Lakala Fashion Patterns for Curvy Girls

I did a video to help you put your measurements into Bootstrap and Lakala systems.

I get so many questions about Lakala and Bootstrap patterns.  First how to measure and then second how to place orders.  This video details the steps to take to measure for the Bootstrap as well as the Lakala platforms.  They are one in the same.  The underlying base pattern and measurement platform for BOTH are exactly the same.   When you put your measurement and setup a profile in one, the other will have the same sign-in and measurement information.

Lakala usually has a better deal on their patterns as far as cost.  Right now they have a sale for $1.49 from the regular $2.99 until the end of today (2/6/2017).  Bootstrap is $ discount code is below.
Lakala Screenshot photo.

Bootstrap has the same patterns as Lakala, but they don't have a current sale, their prices are always about $1.99 and up.  So anytime either of them has a sale, all you need to do is sign in with the same login information or the other and take advantage of the sale.  My 20% discount works on bootstrap only, so you will nearly always get a good price if you use "sewtofit20" for the discount when checking out in the cart.
Bootstrap screenshot photo
Here is the video if you can watch on screen...otherwise follow this link to the Youtube video here.

Thursday, January 26

Perfection-Paralysis: New Patterns in Development

Hello everyone....Just to update you on my current activity... I am so very excited to finally share with you that I have been working on designing sewing patterns for a very long time.  This has been in the works and I have been building towards sharing this for more than seven months.  I have begun to shake the perfection-paralysis problem I suffer with personally.

This will challenge me as I continually remind myself that perfection as an end result is not the objective, but a perfect pattern can be elusive if I allow perfection to stagnate my work.  You see, outside of social media, and way before I began blogging, I commissioned myself after finishing school, as a pattern designer for several of my classmates, local designers, and neighborhood tailor and dressmaker shops who needed someone to execute custom designs.  I began with the close oversight of my pattern design professor as a constant help for the hard parts.  Then as my years have gone by, along with my desire to specialize in all types and methods of pattern fitting, I have become more confident in my abilities and now I am ready to make that leap.

Will I get over my tendency of perfection-paralysis?  Maybe not anytime soon, but I do plan to keep plugging along.  The first pattern I completed digitally, was done last year during the summer.  Was I happy with the outcome, no, but I think I was the only one who was dissatisfied.  The testers were very happy with the pattern.  So, for now I will just let my Club Sew-To-Fit members have it to see what they think.

I am currently working on auditing several different patterns, a problem I have always had, to work on multiple projects at one time.  My project list is very detailed with a bunch of checklist.  I feel as though I am birthing a clothing line for the upcoming season.  And all the time I was in school, I kept denying the "designer" title.  Now I am in the bowels of that position with illustrator, CAD software, InDesign, and all things computer.  I feel like I haven't finished sewing anything in such a very long time, that it can actually become pretty discouraging.  Be it not for all my wonderful support and regular communication with my Youtube subscribers and Periscope followers, along with my near daily chats with my tireless, patient, and loving accountability partner, I would probably put it all aside and just peddle along "wishing" I could get this all done.

Thank you all for constantly reading and commenting on my blog.  I know for sure if you waited for me to comment before you comment on my blog, mine would probably never get visited.  I so very much enjoy reading all your blogs, but I just can't keep up with everyone as closely as I would love to with reading and responding to every single one.  Please know I am here, and I enjoy all of what you all do.

For now, I am going to continue focusing on my projects and know that you will be very happy with the results when I finally reveal the final outcome.  I'll continue to keep you posted on the progress.  Currently, I have a Work Journal here on the blog if you would like to keep up.

Again, thanks for keeping up.  I really appreciate all of you.

Tuesday, January 10

Silk Crepe De'chine Blouse: McCalls 7093

I think I was in the mood for color blocking.  Which is why I ended up making two blouses in the same day.  This post is for this silk raglan top.  The fabric set on my to-sew pile for quite a while, during my "no sew" humdrum blah mood.  While I was in that ho-hum mood, I mentally constructed each top completely.  Here is the silk one....