Tuesday, August 29

How to DONATE TIME and Goods: Disaster Relief for Hurricane Harvey Vict...

What do you need to know to make donations and to offer hands-on assistance during a devastating blow such as the one we have experienced here in Houston, Texas and the neighboring cities, counties, and communities.  As I try to do a little to help those who have had a traumatic turn of events during the hurricane, I step back and evaluate myself and my own blessings as I offer you these simple tips to help do what you can to help those affected.   https://youtu.be/vww8QWTVaYc

Thank you to all those who reach out during times of need, and for the love and outpouring of support and neighborly action taken for those affected by Hurricane Harvey 2017.......today and tomorrow as we all work to rebuild our towns, cities, communities and HOMES.....

"It TAKES a VILLAGE, and you have ALL shown that we ARE that Village!!!!!!"


My Church:  The MET CHurch https://themet.church/

The Church I'm helping at here:  http://foundrychurch.org/

The American Red Cross-  https://goo.gl/wXn8PM

My Daughter Jennifer's Flood Relief fund started by a very close friend to help several families directly.... https://goo.gl/pNCHvL

Monday, August 28

Wide Leg Pants and a Body Suit!!

Happy day to all!!!  While we here on the Texas coast were hoping for the best during a pending onslaught of a category 4 Hurricane named Harvey last Friday, my new pants brought to mind a tropical vacation, palm trees and all their windblown glory.  Anything tropical makes me feel happy, except a hurricane!!! 

Wednesday, August 2

The Misty Knit Top Sew-along Video Part 1- 8/1/2017

Part 1 of the Video Sew-along for my Knit Top pattern has begun.  This video is an introduction of the Misty Knit Top Sew-Along and goes over choosing the size and fabric.  Simple instructions on what to expect and where to find the pattern and other information to help you get started.
If want to join in the sew-along, you can check the information in the "side-bar" here on the blog and get the update of each video as it goes up on my YouTube channel.

Monday, July 24

The Fayedoll Pants

One year and a few days later, I finally present you with the Fayedoll Pants!!! You would think this was one of the hardest post to write, and you would almost be right!!! The first time I told Faye over at Faye's Sewing Adventures that I would make these pants, I gave her a big surprise. 

Saturday, July 22

The Misty Split Sleeve Top Turned Dress by Sew-To-Fit AD Lynn

Meet the Misty Top by Sew-To-Fit by AD Lynn patterns.  This is one of my first, aside from the Fitting and Designing Block I created to use in my classes.  I am stoked at the reception she has gotten since I rolled her out in April.  Now I am happy to present her to you all here on the blog.