Friday, April 7

Vlog: Sewing Plans and What I'm Sewing Now..4/7/2017

Thanks to everyone that joined me for this new regularly scheduled SEW CHAT Session LIVE with me on YouTube. I really appreciate those of you for taking your time out to join me. Below are the links and information you all asked about on the live chat.

Dress I'm wearing: Newlook 6301:

Dress with Sleeve flounce and hem flounce referred to with JeTua:

More information about "Club Sew-To-Fit" Learning Library :

My online Courses:

My Amazon Shop:

You can find me on the web-

Friday, March 31

Vogue 9067 Pattern hack and Sew & Tell Part 1

I've been around and came out of hiding for this review.  I really love this top, surprisingly so.  I made two right away because, well, just because I love this top.  How redundant, right!  You know you do it to, so don't try with me, we all do it.  We fall into that pattern love and can't back away until we have made every color in the rainbow.

Monday, February 6

Bootstrap and Lakala Fashion Patterns for Curvy Girls

I did a video to help you put your measurements into Bootstrap and Lakala systems.

I get so many questions about Lakala and Bootstrap patterns.  First how to measure and then second how to place orders.  This video details the steps to take to measure for the Bootstrap as well as the Lakala platforms.  They are one in the same.  The underlying base pattern and measurement platform for BOTH are exactly the same.   When you put your measurement and setup a profile in one, the other will have the same sign-in and measurement information.

Lakala usually has a better deal on their patterns as far as cost.  Right now they have a sale for $1.49 from the regular $2.99 until the end of today (2/6/2017).  Bootstrap is $ discount code is below.
Lakala Screenshot photo.

Bootstrap has the same patterns as Lakala, but they don't have a current sale, their prices are always about $1.99 and up.  So anytime either of them has a sale, all you need to do is sign in with the same login information or the other and take advantage of the sale.  My 20% discount works on bootstrap only, so you will nearly always get a good price if you use "sewtofit20" for the discount when checking out in the cart.
Bootstrap screenshot photo
Here is the video if you can watch on screen...otherwise follow this link to the Youtube video here.