Thursday, March 28

Fitting of Marfy 5124: Monthly Marfy Challenge Ep. 3-Part 1 (April)

The Monthly Marfy Challenge is still going strong.  I have been working my way to completing this months pattern which you voted on, during the March 3rd live video, for the #sewtofitMarfyChallenge.  I must admit, it is really hard not to share too much of the details of my progress with you on my IG account.  To help me stay excited and motivated, I may have dropped a small nugget of information about my sewing project onto my Instagram stories throughout the month.  Although, I made the rules, I find it really difficult to stick to them.  I began studying the pattern and preparing for the adjustments soon after you selected my assignment.   Here are the steps I took to make the adjustments needed.

Thursday, February 28

Fitting of Marfy Pattern 5209: Monthly Marfy Challenge Ep. 2-Part 1

I wanted to share with you my pattern fitting process I did in preparation for Episode 2 of the video series, the "Monthly Marfy Challenge" which airs live on my YouTube channel. (Full details of the challenge is below.) The pattern you voted for me to sew is Marfy 5209, a gorgeous shirt with insets and neck ties which are part of the collar band. I love a button down!

Friday, February 8

To Italy and Back- Challenges that Forge Friendships & a Pair of Pants

I thought I might share a pant and fabric review and a story of my long vacation to Italy I took with a fellow fashionista, Becki. 
This vacation is what lead me to want to do something on my YouTube channel that would bring all the memories back like a flood. I wanted to do a "VLog" of my vacation.  Lately, I have been in the need for a good walk down memory lane.  I know there are other places in the world that cause the feelings a trip to Italy can bring.  But, we will just start with Italy for now.  Particularly, the Province of Ferrara, Italy.