Sunday, July 2

Blogging Can Mean Sanity for someone who's ADHD!!!

How can blogging mean sanity for a few, and stress for others?  I have neglected my blog and so much more  over the last few months.  Earlier last week when I was writing my wardrobe building post, it dawned on me that writing slows my ADHD brain down.  It allows me to think through my thoughts and make better plans, or at least recognize when I'm being squirrelly and distracted with my projects.  I have so many things I want to sew and do!!  However, every time I begin to cut, plan, or sew, I stop to take pictures, look for a book, or record a video to show you what I think may be helpful.  I loose focus!!  Problem with that is, what was my objective in the first place....its a shot in the dark, I don't know, how do I guess what you all might be interested in where videos or tutorials, or reviews are concerned.  What do I record, what is needed, where do I place all the content?  Instagram? SnapChat? Facebook? Periscope? Tumblr? YouTube? The list goes on-and-on!!!

The Predicament:
Let me explain my predicament.

Monday, June 26

Pattern Review: Romper or Jumpsuit- Vogue 9260

Happy SewSew everyone,
Today is a quick review on a new commercial pattern that fits my way of dressing perfectly for summer heat.  It is a  new favorite for now.  How many times have we said this about a new pattern?  At the time of this posting, this is actually a favorite.  Later post will prove something new, so don't hold my feet to the fire please.

Saturday, June 24

Week 3: Part 2- Designing More Skirts: Yokes, Gores, A-Lines & No Math Circle Skirt!!

Well happy Saturday SewDay!!!
Is it time to say, you know all you need to know about fitting and designing your skirts.  Or, is this where you tell me, you haven't been paying attention?  I have just two questions for you.
  1. Did you know every possible skirt can be made from a basic straight skirt?
  2. Did you also know a circle skirt will have an automatic Full Butt adjustment and needs no MATH and does not hike up in the back!!??
    Circle skirts that DONOT hike up in the back.
    Google Image