Friday, December 13, 2019

Project & Social Updates: Instagram

Learn to sew while watching a pro work. I'll be sewing live again. This time, Simplicty 8803 PJ and lounge wear for women. The Pattern review and a few fitting tips are usually included in the video with FULL Extended video pattern fitting tutorials available as part of my Patreon Site. ⁠ ⁠ ---FABRIC: Vintage inspired Cotton... It says, “You better like this!.” Lol 😝 @simplicity is going all out on touching our inner sewist with this #fabric which I got from JoAnns. A #vintagefabric and design.⁠ ---PATTERN: Simplicity 8803 Womens Loungewear⁠ ---ALTERATIONS & Size information will be mentioned in the video. ⁠ ⁠ #Instasew #dressmaking #dressmaker �#sewingvlogger #sewingproject #patternadjustments #sewingvideo #youtubetutorial #sewingvlog #sewsocial #imadethis #isewclothes �#handmadeeveryday #sewcialist #sewistsofinstagram #sewingamuslin #sewingismytherapy #sewersofinstagram�#lovesewing #isewmyownclothes�#sewersgonnasew #sewingvintage #vintage ⁠via Instagram

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Marfy-Sewalong2019 LIVE Update and Q&A. Welcome back!!

WELCOME BACK!!! We are looking forward to you coming on live tonight (Sept. 7th @7pm Central) with your questions and chat about the current #sewtofitmarfysewalong as part of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge

---Becki and I will be answering your questions and discussing our upcoming plans for your continued involvement in the Marfy Challenge for Season 2. See you on the livestream!!

Click here if you don't see the video:

Our Marfy Sewalong is underway. Let’s talk plans and answer your questions. #sewtofitMarfySewAlong2019 has begun. Becki and I are back and well rested from a great summer break.

#sewtofitmarfychallenge @sewmuchfabric @sewtofit and @bekichitwood on Instagram to enter the giveaway

Giveaway will be announced on the first week of October.
1- $50 gift certificate from @sewmuchfabric
2- Marfy Catalogue
3- Pattern from Marfy
4- Bonus 1hour Private Fitting consultation with @sewtofit $55 value

Sewalong Videos to watch:

-Part1-Marfy Sewalong 2019 (this video)-Fabric Choices-
-Part2- Fitting tips and grading a single size pattern
-Part3- Sewing the dress 👗
-How to choose a Marfy Pattern size
-Marfy SewAlong Update!! Pattern Discount.
-Marfy SewAlong 2019 Pattern Voting and Descriptions

VIDEOS TO WATCH in Season 1 Series:
2019 Dates
Episode 1 (February 2nd)
Episode 2 (March 2nd)-
Episode 3 (April 6th)-
Episode 4 (May 4th)-
Episode 5 (June 1st)-
Sewalong PATTERN:

Marfy 6180-

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ultimate Marfy Sewing Pattern Haul

I got a really big pattern Haul from Marfy Fashions. I don’t know where to start with all these fun designs. In this video I tried to give you a clue to my thought process and share some of the fabrics I hope to use with these lovely patterns. Who knows, I may just be a hoarder. Check it out.
- Patterns in this video. 
Marfy 1949- Skirt SZ48
Marfy 1948 Shirt SZ46
Marfy 6193 Dress SZ48
Marfy 1864 Jacket SZ46
Marfy 1862 Dress SZ48
Remember, we  are gearing up for another wave of Marfy pattern challenges this fall. Check out the last post about which pattern we’re using for the Sewalong in September.  See what we have gotten and where we are headed with this challenge in the upcoming months. We are shaking up a few things around here, so join in and find out more.... about the “Monthly Marfy Sewing Pattern Challenge"

VIDEOS TO WATCH in this Series: 
2019 Dates

Episode 5 (June 1st)-
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