(71) Sewing Pedal to the Metal-Project Finale' for The last Wardrobe Series

Proud is my feeling about what I accomplished during this last 3 months.  My way of dealing with stress and avoiding depression, is to sew.  I did an inventory of all the items sewn and videos completed during this healing stage of the process, with a metal plate in my shoulder, from my bicycle accident in March until now.

It's also odd:  The very 1st pair of bike shorts I have ever made, was what I was wearing when I fell. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of those.  They were a wearable muslin at that time.  I bought the chamois padding from Aero Tech Designs.  "Should I blame them?"  LOL... not funny, but coincidental.  

This video is culmination of this part of my wardrobe series is recapped in this video.  It's a quick watch. 

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