65- Project Chronicles: Pattern Reviews and a Montage of completed garments

Welcome: In my Project Chronicles videos, I discuss completed garments, works in progress (WIP), and pattern reviews.  This video has several patterns on the table and several completed garments.  

Welcome to my inner child. Owls all over this wearable muslin. Shucks, nope, not a muslin. It's the cutest top, to which I gave zero credit when I first bought the pattern (m7362). I really love the look. Many looks, actually. I have leggings in white, black and red. I have Ponte pants in red, black, and white. Yayyy!!! Win all over. Of course, jeans would work as well.

I made it as a coverup and plan to add a zipper down the front to wear as a standalone if desired. It will also be used for post-surgery wear. (My Life Update video has all the details.)
** Another is already on the table. Stay tuned.

M7362 view b/d
Fabric: Owl print rayon challis (local fabric center)
Trim: 1" double-fold bias opened to make the band.

More details and project chronicles are in this video. πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎ https://youtu.be/6M9sUVQn3RY

I finished the black Jade Blouse. My design, a free download to my Patron members, was made from an inspiration I found online.  The Zimmerman designer fabric is what I found to duplicate the look. (Mood Fabrics) 

My original make from this same design was the white polka dot I made last year.  I call this Jade's Blouse for my #sewtherunway look.  
Video with chapter videos below.

There's a full Photo Montage on the YT channel, or you can read the blog. πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ‘‰πŸΎ https://youtu.be/6M9sUVQn3RY

Fitting Tips using my bodice block, as discussed regarding the Atlas Wrap. The block pattern can be found in my shop.

Zimmermann Polka Dot Blouse: Mood Fabrics.com

Patterns discussed:

McCall's 7360 (top), Marfy 3886 (blouse), Vogue 1333 (silk blouse), Lekala 2053 (denim dress), Jade's blouse (my own draft), Atlas Wrap Dress (Masin Patterns),  Burda 6636 (pant)

Video Chapters: (click on the timestamps)

00:00 Introduction 01:13 My Process- Atlas Wrap Dress 02:33 McCalls 7362- Review 04:03 Ponte Pants- Burda 6636 05:09 Jade's Blouse 05:27 Jeans- favorites 06:08 Lekala 2053 Progress 07:08 Shirt dresses- Ponte 11:36 Sew the Runway: Jade's blouse 12:33 Vogue 1333- fabric & Progress 15:34 Marfy 3886- WIP Back 15:58 Seam Ripping - Machines-Buttonholes 17:59 McCalls Fitting Tips 19:10 More patterns Plans 19:40 Next up, Sewing

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