(66) Sew Many things. The clock is ticking to my next break.

Welcome back to the blog.  
Let's get straight to the point, shall we?  Since my last post update, I've changed a few items on the cutting table.  Some patterns got the boot and some moved to the forefront for a great roundup of projects that will keep me busy for the next four weeks.
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Most of the patterns are from ones I have already done reviews before.  My blog has gone through some changes, so you won't see any of my old post.  (I was trying to do a DIY upgrade. It failed. Sorry!.). I hope you get the gist of some of the projects I'm working one currently.  Most of the content is scripted into the video.  

Vogue 1245 was a favorite!
Here is the list of Chapters, to assist with getting directly to the point of the video which interest you.

00:00 Introduction 00:20 Who I am.. 01:04 McCall's 7242 02:10 McCall's 7889 02:39 Shirt Dress Buttons 03:17 Lekala 2043 Fabric Choice 03:35 Camisole DRAFT 04:44 Vogue 1333- Fitting Disaster 06:38 Vogue 1224- Tracy Reese (Pics) 07:24 Vogue 1245- Top/Dress (Pictures) 08:41 New to Me_Pattern- Matilda Inspiration 09:29 Not all loose items. 09:45 V1333- Let's review 10:47 Final Updates M7362

Thanks again for dropping by.