(67) Vogue V1333 Pattern Revew and how to adjustment the bust and sides

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Did you know that adjusting patterns could be as easy as knowing a few simple measurements for the bust, waist, and front length?  Many times we underestimate the simplicity of adjustments.  It really isn't very difficult.

Because of this one fact, I had to make major adjustments to Vogue 1333, a blouse pattern, in order to compensate for this anomaly.  The thorough review of the actual pattern and details on the making of how I sew this little gem is also a necessary note on this pattern.

The tops were both sewn in order to compare the difference a piece of fabric can make in the fit of any garment we construct.  
Muslin fabric will never give the true read of how a garment will fit. In most cases, doing the pattern alterations first and then measuring, can get you pretty close to a considerably good first wearable “muslin” in a similar fabric that has the same weight and give. 

The silk fits quite closely, compared to the viscose. 

Again… Materials I used to get very different garments from one pattern. 
-viscose crepe @sewmuchfabric
-silk Georgette (stash)
-buttons -pearl shell @sewmuchfabric
- ivory with details @sewmuchfabric

When I take a look at the side-by-side comparison.  I see the viscose and the silk georgette have a distinctive fit of their own. I’m happy with both. 

Because of my recent shoulder surgery, I now have to make a forward shoulder adjustment. 
Forward should adjustment on vogue 1333, Pattern review v1333, sanda betzina

Other pattern adjustments:
  • Raise underarm seam/curve
  • Lowered back neckline
  • Lowered the front neckline by 1.25" (White)
  • Moved darts away from the center by 1/2"
  • Lengthened the front hem by 1" grading from the side-seam
How to fit vogue 1333, Fitting V1333, How lower the back neck. Forward should adjustment on vogue 1333, Pattern review v1333, sanda betzina

Thanks for continuing to watch and comment on my videos.  I really do hope you find value in each video I upload.  Every minute you watch helps both of us.  
Vogue 1333, V1333, Pattern alteration details, Pattern review v1333, sanda betzina

Talk soon.

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