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Atlanta part 4

Fun Times: My wonderful room-mate and excellent weaver/couturier!!! Try mixing weaving into a couture garment and you come up with Daryl Lancaster!!! The queen super fast Industry production of Jeans. Watch ou t now, who says you can't make the best jeans, and THEY actually fit. I'm working on mine. Keep checking. Art Br a Show and Wearable Arts contestwas awesome, some creativity, if you go to an ASG function you better have your stuff together. No half done work there. These people are artist at their sewing and craft, whatever that my be: Weaver, couturier, patternmaker, wearable art, and the like.

Atlanta Part 3

Peggy Sagers and Connie Crawford are just dears to work with. Why can't we use Connie's pattern making textbook at our school???!!!!! She makes it a breeze to learn. Check out Connie at ht tp:// . I'd buy all her books if I were you. And, Peggy, the mother of all Industry sewing techniques. You can use couture for most things. But what about when you want to get it done fast and still keep it beautiful jus t as in the stores. Peggy is at . She also answers her phone for questions. How about that. Lets not talk about the Bra Making class, talking about fun. I never knew making your own bra was so great and sooooo fitting. Of course no pictures of that on, but here is a sample. Too bad its not my size , some people are blessed!
Leather painting class with Anna Mazur, Courturier wearing her blouse that was featured in Threads Magazine. She has another one in this Septembers edition also. Check it out. Here we are in her Leather Painting class. Can you tell how much fun we were having? Here is Anna Mazur, Couturier. She has frequent articles in threads magazine. The blouse she is where was featured in the mag. Off to Atlanta for the American Sewing Guild Convention.... OOOOH! how much learning can you get in 5 days. I am sure glad it's is summer. I will get the chance to rub elbows with the likes of Susan Khajie, Connie Crawford, Suzy Seed, Peggy Sagers, and many other wonder ladies that wrote some of the books that fashion schools are using today. Pics to come. I'm off.

Pant zipper to try

Hey check out this wonderful easy fly- front zipper installation for pants by Sandra Betzina. Perfecto! http://

Alterations!!!! Aaagh!!!

Alterations and Commercial patterns are synanomous. Basically you can't get one without the other. I have been working to no end on a customer 's blouse pattern from McCalls. Horrible to work with for fullsize women. After the fitting it just makes me want to trash it all and start with a custom pattern. I hate all the slashing and spreading. More paper is used than with designing the pattern. And the time spent in this process is unbelievable.

Cartridge Pleating

Well today I learned what "Cartridge Pleating" is. No wonder a leg of mutton sleeve and waist pleats looks so good and stands so tall in those vintage gowns. Here is the sight I found the information. Hope it helps.

Fashion Show Dress- "Waves of Desire"

Well, thought I might share this dress with you all. My own design that I made for the Houston Community College Fashion Design Show May 7, 2010. Lots of work went into this, and I really don't like hand stitching, but you must do the thing you hate the most to get the best. The ruffles were done by layering two strips of organza (8" purple and 6" black). They were first cut then a machine roll hem was added to both sides. Whew!!! I like fast sergers. Afterwards I had to machine gather the two layers together. "Row, Row, Row your organza, gently under the gathering foot. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily sewing is but a dream" (Gotta love those easy feet.) After I got off the gathering boat, the strips were ready to be carefully placed on the taffeta overskirt and hand stitched just so, to make them wave and swirl...thus the name "Waves of Desire". The Bustier top was completed with a machine trapunto affect, using 8wt metallic purple multi-colored thread in

Where it started...

Hello there, I'm new to this blogging and never thought I would blog. But, since I love telling all about my sewing ventures, I had to find an outlet. After seeing so many sewing blogs, I knew this was for me. Well here I am. I have my own busines website that you might want to visit at . I will be putting things there as well so try to keep up. Today I worked on a blouse and a dress. I didn't really do much else, accept set up this blog and read about blogging. So, I guess that's sewing related, right??