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Butterick 5678- Shirt fever still going strong.

Happy Friday my sewing friends. I am quickly falling back into my days of button down shirts and t-shirts. With shirts being my true love. I keep trying to force myself to sew up a few blouses. You know the ones you must pull over your head. Well it's not working for me. This is probably one of the best shirt patterns put out by Butterick, but they in their infinite wisdom decided to discontinue this version. WHY!! @mccallspatterncompany would you do that???!?! Doesn't really make since to me. Especially, since it's a cup sized pattern and is a great design for many figure types. With princess seaming and the best sleeve inset and sleeve cap ease I have found, this is a dream to sew. It comes with patch pockets, plackets, sleeve applets and other details that would make a great cargo shirt as well as a terrific military style shirt. So why did it go away. Fitting wise this was easy. I cut a straight size 14 and used the D cup front piece and added a tad bit for

No Heels, No Fuss, Relaxed Jumpsuit- NewLook 6373

A comfortable jumpsuit trumps so many a maxi dress and maxi skirt on those days you don't want to be bothered with all the excess fabric around your ankles.  Since I still can't wear heels because of my car accident shoe wardrobe is being just a tad bit altered. Now, you should know, I don't grab "high heels" as usual attire for daily wear, but I do wear a lot of kitten heels and wedges.  However, at this point, I can't even wear them.  "Tennis shoes" only I am told, but they just don't look good with "regular" clothes.  So, I decided to pickup a pair of soft soled padded "tennis-like" flats. This jumpsuit is so comfortable...I did not think I would like it with all the flounce on the chest.  But, it seemed to have turned out alright.  It was sort of low for my taste, but of course that was just a matter of shortening the straps. I like the way the pants hang, with the "straight legs" and sli

A Thank You!!! GiveAway Going on now...

This video is to Thank You!!! and GIVEAWAY!!! a free gift to one person who subscribes to my YouTube channel.  Watch it to get all the simple details.  This is a token of my appreciation for you all trusting me via your subscriptions and sharing my videos to your online community.  I blog to share my makes and tutorials or any sewing related information.  Blogging is an extension of my "IRL" activities, but more than is a way to connect with those that love to do what I love to do, and to interact with people who I can learn from, and share with those who need a little help along the way. I am a certified sewing instructor and pattern fitting teacher IRL.  I alter patterns to fit for those who already know how to sew, and I teach those who want to learn or improve their skills. I am also a Brand Ambassador for BERNINA USA, and am happy to have the privilege to do so. You can always check me out elsewhere on the web: Instagram:

How To Trace Commercial Sewing Patterns

Happy Saturday!! I thought about you all when I had to copy a pattern that is out of print.  I didn't want to use up the pattern, so I traced it onto Swedish tracing paper in order to save the original for later use.  Here is a quick tutorial on tracing patterns.  Hope it's useful. Commercial "tissue paper" patterns are great to have when it comes to tracing off your size from the multi-size sheets.   This is the only time having "thin" paper is a bonus--you will be more inclined to trace your size and protect the pattern for future use. SUPPLIES:  You will need only 3 items: Sharpie Fine Point Markers Tracing paper Commercial Sewing Patterns of course (mccalls, simplicity) "Sharpie" fine point markers .   Sharpie is the only one that I have found to work as well as they do.  I think it has something to do with the ink, but that is my guess, and it isn't a scientific fact, just trust me on this, it works. Keep these point