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Blue Lace Lingerie Set..another happy ending.

 Bra making is quickly becoming my new love.  Its quick and satisfying all at the same time.  Especially when you are certain to come out of it with a perfectly fitting bra. One might wonder, why it would be ok to publically talk about, let alone disclose the interworkings of your foundation garments.  Of couse, any woman would admit "albeit" in private, that she has always wanted to be open and discuss the problems she has with the undergarments.  We all look for the perfect fit in clothing, whether it be pants, blouses, t-shirts, dresses, and the like.  Who doesn't want their boobs to fit "inside" the bra cups.  Tara Banks was candid enough to have a show about the "bra".  Oprah Windfrey discussed it and women listened.  There spawned the bra fitting craze so to speak.  Even pattern companies increased their offerings.  What is so illusive about fitting a bra or underwear?  Tara knows how to make us feel comfortable about the requirements of the bo

I count today a success. Lingerie set sneak peek...

Summer is a good time of year for most.  However, when you have a burning desire to sew, and the sun is burning up outside, and you have constant company from your lovely grandchild, something has to give.  My sewing time has been sporadic at best. Although, I have some really good systems in place for what I plan to do, and I do actually get some things completed, those items that I get completed are actually GTD project components.  Not necessarily completing a "said" project can be daunting, however.  This is why I find it extremely important to keep a GTD list.  That way I know I am actually making headway on all these projects, although I really don't have any tangible item to show for the hard work I have put in for the day. However, today was a fun and productive day, if I say so myself.  Besides taking care of the home office requirements, and babysitting...I actually cooked dinner.  Whoo hooo!  You see, I am not a domestic diva.. I'm just a sewing diva.  So

Vogue 1249- My birthday suit...jumpsuit that is.

Project Birthday a Badgley Mischka for Vogue Jumpsuit. V1249.. Close-fitting (through bustline), partially interfaced, lined jumpsuit has back invisible zipper. Pattern Sizing: Size 14-20, I cut a 14/16. But I actually should have cut the 12/14 up top. The drawing didn't fall in the front, but she was standing pretty straight and tall. Also, I don't have much curve definition in the front. I am really straight, and my bust are small. So my garment tends to collapsed a little. Next time I wear it, I will wear a padded bra to add to the front curves. I don't want to take out anything there, I want to give the illusion of more…which is why I liked the addition of the ruffles up front. The garment on the pattern envelope was obviously belted a little tight, cause the front on the model actually looked liked gathers, on mine it was plenty smooth with the acceptation of the pleats. For the boning I used a technique that I invented (at least I thin

When the going gets tough, the tough get Sewing!

..or so it seems for me. I have had a comparetivily bad week.  But, I don't see a reason to be depressed.  I am just eternally grateful that I have a hobby.  I celebrated by birthday with my dad (by adoption) on Monday. And invited him to my birthday party planned for Saturday, the 16th.  I still have to finish that  Vogue jumpsuit for the party.  YeePee, a great year older.  Anyway, on that same day my uncle died.  The next morning (Tuesday) I learned my dad (by adoption) has passed.  AAAAAAAGGGGH!!!!!! WFH is going on.  So, ok, it could be worse right?  Oh yes it can!!! cause by the evening.....I learn that my Stepdad is in the hospital from a collapsed lung.  Right, it CAN get worse. So, being the trooper that I am, I don't want to be a burden to anyone, so I go to the one therapist I know can help.... "JoAnn's"  She tells me all about the sales and that creativity is a terrific outlet for the day's woes.  So I listen intently as I peruse the pattern books

Making the "GRADE" a matter of size.

Fitting issues plague everybody.  But those of us that sew for ourselves seem to be on a quest for the perfect fit.  Thus, we sew through pattern after pattern in hopes to find the perfect fit, or make the pattern fit.  Others of us, buy our clothes from mainstream producers of the garment industry and come to those of use who sew, to make that special garment fit using a multitude of alterations. For those of us that sew, sizing and the pattern "Grade" matters. In 2008 I went back to school in hopes of understanding patterns better.  It was a success.  Did I learn everything there? No, but all education is a success in my eyes... As for commercial patterns, I learn more and more from working right here at home.  But the one class that did absolutely teach me the greatest amount of knowledge that has clarified my understanding of the pattern designing and fitting systems, was the class called Pattern Grading.  I shall fondly think of my instructor, Diane Brett, from Ho

Pullover Tunic- Butterick 5355

Style Details: Pullover top, with raglan sleeves and sleeve ties that go up the arms.  Bound neckline and shirt-tail hem.  Pattern: Butterick 5355, View B (w/o sash) Pattern Sizing: Xsm-Sml-Med:  I cut the Sml. Fabric: Rayon Challis I like loose fitting tops, but they must have some type of details.  So it seems Butterick 5355 fit the bill.  I like the bellowy sleeves with the added tie channels and contrasting bias bound neckline.   I plan to where this with capris length leggings, shorts, and jeans.  Since my goal is to make items that compliment or enhance what I already have in my closet, every color in the blouse has a coordinate piece already in my closet waiting for pairing. Andrea