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White Ruffled Dream- Prom 2011

Now this dress was a take on another dress.  I think I started out executing it pretty well.  I had never done this type of work with all the ruching and styling of the gathers and ruffles.  The base dress of course is your basic bustier foundation, simple enough.  I love starting with a basic foundation, it's like working with building blocks after the fit is taken care of.  Notice how the dress hangs on the dressform...the young lady decided to pull the train back to "show" more thigh..thus taking away from the beautiful flow of the hem. Ruffled dream in the making...   The prom train  After cutting the train...this is the shape after unfolding the fabric.  It still had to be interlined with organza, lined, turned and topstitched before gathering it to t he hem of the dress. 

Pink Princess- Prom 2011

I call this the pink princess because the young lady is so very tiny, 5 feet tall.  She was so thrilled at the outcome of the dress.  Another self drafted pattern. The hem is not off, she wore taller heels.

Lady in Red- Prom 2011

 I made this dress for a prom customer. I self drafted the pattern and then did manipulation to get all the ruching and pleating as required by my customer.  Gabby's prom dress 2011  The cluster of flowers were done using the Roberta Carr couture instructions for the dior roses.

Fit is horrible!!! I hate shopping...

I found this dress while shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress with my daughter. Notice the dress is not fitting in the bust, but is really tight in the hips and thighs. This is a size 12 at a bridal shop. The main reason I hate shopping. I always have to do a small bust adjustment on my patterns. More back than front and very broad shoulders. I am short from the shoulder to the bust point. I will find a pattern to make a simular one or make the pattern myself.

Sheat Dress wish list.

I want a sheath dress. I found this one at my local mall for $400. I have the fabric in the exact same color. Now I guess I will resolve to make all the bias strips.

MIA....omg where have I been?

I know I have been missing in action. The action of sewing that is... I just haven't posted a comment. Holiday garments for customers, choir gowns and Christmas vests, and of course prom dresses. I have really been busy, show-n-tell is something I will have to get better at. More on the things I've done will be forthcoming. ttyl..