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Teacher Training, Jetlag, my whereabouts and fabricholism...

Los Angelas was my place to be last week.  I went for the Trained Sewing Instructor program.  Since I love what I do and enjoy more sharing what I do, I thought this would help me in my endeavors as the new instructor at our local Hancock Fabrics.   I met a really nice group of ladies who shared my same goals.  This program offered more than I thought.  It was really packed full of clear business management materials.  I didn't really need to learn how to sew, just how to teach sewing.  And the program was right on point for helping me get organized.  Here are my fun classmates. I stayed at the plush Millenium Biltmore hotel, how nice was that.  I even got to see some shooting of the show "Bad Men" while there.  I just kept running into important people, I was totally aloof!.  I didn't know these people.  I don't watch much TV, so when I met the star of "Single Ladies" I got a chance to get a picture with her, but I still had to text my sister to

Jumpsuits..a sign of the times, who's copying who?

I wasn't much of a fashionista when I made this 25 years ago.  But, I tell you I was a pretty good sewist by anyone's standards.   And I did know fashion, also by  the looks of it, I also had a good handle on the moonwalk.  Life was so much fun back then.  Erica B.  on her blog, says she wants this cutie. Of course the up-to-date version...Kwik Sew 3898  I just know, from past experience, she will rock this jumpsuit.  As comfortable for the tom-boy as it is stylish for the fashionista. This jumpsuit, suits all styles.  Dress it up or down, and you have a tough little outfit to do anything in.  I made mine back then, I think, out out a grey brushed cotton twill.  But you have to remember, if you are old enough, that back then there wasn't much in the fabric department to choose from. So, I can't wait to see this made up in the silk crepe de chine she is hoping to find. I know I wouldn't wear this again, my rump roast is way to big for this type of look.  Somethi

Pattern Inventory and studio organization project.

I have come to realize that no matter my attempt to organize my patterns, whether self-drafted, or purchased, it will require some sort of system that I myself am willing to follow and stick to in the future. Now  Flylady  has long been the way I attempt to maintain a decent home and a welcoming place for guest anytime.  I must have some kind of routine in order to stay balanced.  But crafting and sewing can take anybody over the top.  In order to be creative, my surroundings have to be organized or at least de-cluttered, or my mind and my thoughts will emulate my surroundings.  As you may recall in my Sewn Confessions, I exposed myself, my sewing room , at least it is dear to me, so sharing that space with the world is like making friends.  It's personal...  Either way, every since I talked about my disorganized workroom studio, I have been on a quest to put it into a more productive state of organization.  One that beckons the creative mind to actually create.  Thus, I went abo

Photo adventure...Burda 8488 Pants

 Finding Pattern has been so much fun. Knowing there are so many others in the world who want to know how I did with a pattern is exhilerating. It encourages me to complete my projects and try new ones. Taking all the pictures is fun too, yet can cause the family to run everytime you pull out the camera.  But, lucky, my fashionista daugther loves to see the pics come out nice.  So, on her visit she treated me to a fun photoshoot and actually made me accessorize the outfit....Enjoy! Project Description: Burda 8488- Wide leg pants that are close fitting through the hips. Pattern Sizing: 34-44, us- 8-18. See my blog entry-- Making the "Grade" a matter of size. for the size differences with the Burda Patterns compared to the "big four" pattern companies. Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? These pants are totally awesome. I saw a Tracey Reese Resort Wear pair that I just fell in love with. Th