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Pattern Organization…the quest for order.

I finally understand why others have put to use a form of pattern organization that involves a system of  numerical filing and cataloguing.  It is probably because this system makes it easy to retrieve and find patterns quickly. You may remember, last year, I attempted a digital filing system… here .  It didn’t work for me.  I still ended up searching around for patterns when working with a customer.  I didn’t have a way for them to peruse my pattern inventory. Ideas come from everywhere, as to what to make, however, finding a pattern that might work was difficult to say the least.  It was like going through a rummage sale. As new patterns come in, and old ones removed from the files..this is what would happen.  Another basket of misplaced patterns. A thanks to those who believed in me, in the chance that I had found the system which would work for me.  Failure isn’t what I feel, just another lesson learned about myself.  I must retract my position on the numerical system of filin

Pattern Review- Simplicity 2406 and a happy customer..

I think this may be a sign of a very happy customer.  My sis is really loving her new dress.  You see, I have not sewn for her in so long, she was just giddy as can be after getting into her dress.  She even came over already styled to the "T" ready to put in on and go have fun.  I am always glad to ablige.  It is such a joy to sew for my sis and my Mom.  So, I think inside I was grinning just at much has she.  I used the Simplicity 2406 pattern.  Here you will see my pattern review. Pattern Description: Misses' dress in three lengths with sleeve variations by Cynthia Rowley. Pattern Sizing: 6-14 and up. I made a size 14 for my sister. Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? It really did look the same as the envelope. As for the length, my sister is 5'2", so the short length worked for her with a 1 1/4" hem, for anyone taller, beware, the dress is short. Were the instructions ea

McCalls 6112 and A Pre-school Graduation

My granddaughter graduated today from preschool...on her way to the big "K" for Kindergarten. Wow! I'm not old, so don't go there.  I wore my new dress, a 3 hour wonder from McCalls.  Love it, and it is so very comfortable.  I dressed it up with a belt, which was too much for my taste.  But either way, if I change the heels, it will be a night out if I want.  So, basically a success. Pattern Description: McCalls 6112 MISSES' DRESSES IN TWO LENGTHS AND CAMISOLE: Pattern Sizing: I cut a size 14. I used the skirt from view C and the top from view A Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, the dress looked the same..however, the front is a little long on me, since I'm shorter from shoulder to bust point. Were the instructions easy to follow? Extremely easy to follow. However, for the binding I chose to use the "Neckline Finishes for Knits," in the April/May 2003 issue of Th

The Ten Commandments of Hanging

Joan Crawford said, "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!" before doing the unthinkable, and beating her daughter with one.  What made her so infuriated with the idea of wire hangers.  I would venture to say that, because of the expense of the clothes she bought, she felt that great care and work should go into the maintenance and upkeep of said clothing. Of course there is no reason on God's good earth that a person should be beaten with a wire hanger for doing such a thing, or any other act.  However, if we consider the thought and hard work we put into our wardrobe; with the shopping, planning, researching and sewing, we should at least put just as much, if not more, into the maintenance and upkeep of said wardrobe.  Lately, I have been putting my time into organizing and purging my closet, as I do each season.  In need of a few things for said organization, I ran across The Ten Commandments of Hanging These are good rules to follow.  If we consider the creative aspect, and

Maxi-mizing the Ruffled Top (Silhouette Patterns #519)

During a day at the park for a Mothers day photo shoot, I had to be cool and pulled together.  So along with the jeans and required white top I threw together that morning, I also brought along my new DIY maxi in turquoise blue.  The hat was a nice addition don't you think? Mia's Top and Self Drafted Maxi   Pattern Description: Ruffled top, with options for sleeveless, and can be worn in mutiple ways: off shoulder, one shoulder, and strapless. I wore it all ways. Pattern Sizing: The pattern has allowances for B, C, & D cup sizing. The sizes are based on finished measurements NOT body measurements. The envelope contains sizes 1-4 Misses (up to 45.5" full bust) and also 5w-8w for Womens. This should cover anyone up to a finished size 62" full bust. You will need to measure a garment you already own in order to help you choose a good size. Peggy suggested for of determining your measured garments. Did it look like the photo/drawing on the patt

Stash Clearance Free for All... (More to come)

Thanks to those who replied to the last post.  The fabrics have been claimed.  However, please don't be dismayed.  I would rather give away to knowing blog-friends rather than to the local Goodwill, to whom I have no clue if the fabric isn't gonna be mistaken for scraps and not for the garments it could potentially become.  Continue to help me clean my sewing room and thin out this fabric stash. Thanks so very much. AD

Stash Clearance Free for All...

I am attempting to clear out some fabric clutter.  My heart says no amount of fabric is clutter.  However, I live in a very humid region, Houston, Texas.  Thus, it makes me feel hot at the thought of wearing it, let alone sewing up a garment.  These are all beware.  There 3-5 yards of each.  Anyone that wants these fabrics just let me know, and I will send it to you for just the shipping. I can stuff it all in a one-rate priority box. First come first serve... More to come.