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A weighted guardian

I needed to know I was being watched over and protected today.  Whilst cutting a garment I needed a few extra weights. To my surprise my guardian angel intervened and saved the day. This reminded me why I had this cute little trinket in my sewing room a reminder that I always have a protector. Thank you my angel.

My Best Friends

I have never really outwardly shown the kind of love for inanimate objects than what I have for these two.  They are truly my best friends.  Meet Gingher Shears and Olfa Rotary.  They have been with me in my sewing room for many years, never to be brought to the forefront of recognition.  Sure, sewing machines, irons and other fun loving friends come to mind when considering others I can’t live without.  But, I would not get anywhere, were it not for my two best friends.  These two have been instrumental in every stage of my garment making, from start to trimming. This shout out goes to the true heroes of the sewing room.  Here’s to you Gingher and Olfa.