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Flower Power...McCalls 6740 Pattern Review

A curtsy to those that blog regularly, I respect you sincerely. Often times I feel like I am cheating all the bloggers that update regularly.  No one wants to have a relationship with anyone who only "takes" and "receives" yet never gives anything in return.  I have been blogging for a few years now, and yet I can still get through my entire site in a few minutes.  Now don't get mistaken, I am not trying to be like anyone else, I know that everyone is on their own schedule and pace for blogging.  However, in my personal case, I have all the wonderful ideas and projects to share, yet when I sit down to share, I go on a blogging adventure, never to return to my initial objective, that of posting my days blog.   I like this modeling is getting much better.  It takes work blogging, but it is so satisfying, sharing with others that sew and design their own clothing.  Posing for photos comes especially hard for me, since I am basically deep down