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Tailoring Part 2: Pattern Prep, Interfacing, Pockets, and Darts

Okay, hello everybody, I am back to share more tailoring escapades of my son's suit.  Of course, I will admit this will not get done by tomorrow.  I slowed down a little bit because I made some really silly mistakes, maybe because I was sidetracked, or just maybe because I was tired, either way it is getting done.  I would rather it be done right then it to be done fast and wrong.  So keep reading if you want to find the mistakes I made.  I know you want to...we all have it in us to see what someone else did wrong.  Be my guest, I'll even help you.   There's my handsome baby boy fitting the shell of his new suit.  Doesn't he look excited? Here are the things I've gotten done so far.  Some of the techniques and changes I made are from various sources, but the main one I use for tailoring is my book, Classic tailoring techniques, a Construction Guide for menswear, by Robert Cabrera and Patricia Flaherty Meyers For you techie folks:  here are the details ab

Style Arc Kerry Cargo Pant: A review

It is unbelievable that I took so long to finish these simple pants that I started work on in May this year.  You would think I should have had them finished in the span of a few days at the most.  I fell head over heels for These  Style Arc cargo pants  the moment I saw them...but when I started working on them, I just lost interest because of the amount of pockets.  But that isn't the total and only reason it took so long.  I ended up having to move the pockets after they were completed.  You notice on the picture from Style arc, that the back pockets sit rather high up on the hips.  Well that was the problem for me there.  I probably should have check the placement before I stitched and  topstitched. This is a Safari style straight (no flare) leg cargo pant with drawstring and box pleated pockets with flaps and functioning buttonholes.  The patterns come in single sizes, thus, I ended up cutting a 16. Compared to the pictures on the Style Arc website, the pants sho

Burda 7194: Tailoring Menswear, the Saga Begins

I am working on a tailored suit for my son, JP.  I actually promised him a suit as a birthday gift back in 2009.  Of course I know this makes me look like a really bad procrastinator based on the timing of this project.  But let me assure you that I haven't just been twiddling my thumbs on this one,  I have been quite busy with so many projects, including having made him a shirt along with many other custom alterations.  So, don't think I totally neglected my baby boy.  Besides, like any good procrastinator I have thought through the entire process ahead of time, and now I am ready to put this behind me. This is a model not my son...although my son may be more handsome.   So, I hope you enjoy the process as I share my style of tailoring and the steps I take to get my kind of outcome.  Some of the process will be shortcuts, my way, and other parts you may be familiar with from the Internet or other books.  I don't really like to take very many shortcuts when I work wit

Simplicity 4192- More Vacation Sewing

Whenever someone say "let's go", the first thing I think is, "Do I have a new "me made" outfit to wear?"  That rush of adrenaline is intoxicating.  That's why sewing for my vacations, gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and direction.  But when I don't get the chance to wear my creations, it really disappoints.  This is one of those disappointments.  I planned this super cute number to be worn with my husbands color-matched linen leisure set for our anniversary.  The wrap pants and kimono tie front top had been in my queue for years.  It is a Simplicity 4192 which includes your entire ensemble for a really nice beach getaway.  In my case, an anniversary dinner in the Caribbean.   (Didn't Happen!!  Aaagh!!)   So, this pretty fun getup will just sit in my closet until the time comes when an occasion warrants it.  But not just any humdrum occasion will do for this set.  I love how you can just wrap the pants up and tie them i

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Review: A Romper Look-a-like, McCall's 6965 and Simplicity 2281

Why do I even list my post as reviews? At times it's not to tell you what I think about the pattern, actually it is more of an Internet "Show (Sew) and Tell." The enjoyment of sharing what I sew is more fun than you would ever know. Well, unless you sew as well and blog about it, or go to local guild meetings or sewing meet-ups to talk about sewing. For the most part, when I sew, I just want to shout it to the world, "I MADE THIS MYSELF!!!" Now, mind you, this sharing is by choice to inform you via the World Wide Web, of my experiences which abound in the privacy of my sewing studio. I used to get that sharing satisfaction by sewing professionally for others, but that wasn't enough. Especially, because that type of sewing limited my audience for "teaching" sewing, as well as limiting my time to actually sew for myself. I love to teach and share. Anytime I can tell the world about sewing, whether one person at a time, or in a group, I am in hea