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NFL Football and sewing with family, oh the love.

PJ's for game day. Win or lose, it's always so much fun to watch our Texans football games with the family. Even more fun when we dress the part. These are the coolest pjs I have made. Not because they are Texans fabric, but because I get to sew and enjoy the things I love with my "Mini-me". Man, I get so much joy from sewing with my granddaughter!! It takes me back to the days when I watched and sometimes joined in to help my mom. Though, I think then, she did most of the sewing. I made my pair using the easy Simplicity pattern 2414 . It's a pattern meant for cargo pants. But I just left off the pockets. What drew me to this pattern is that the waistband was separate and had 3 elastic channels plus buttonholes and a drawstring. For Mini-me I self-drafted a pair from a sloper I use from my Cameo Professional pattern design software by Wild Ginger. We sewed these on the sweet, 780 sewing and embroidery computer on loan to me from the lovely folks

I call her "ENVY", but she was first Samantha's Jacket

The Teal Leather Jacket... they whispered at Pattern Review weekend back in May.   "Did you see Andrea's Jacket?"  "Did you see all those zippers?"   Should this be considered a late arrive to the party...  I have so much to share, but where do I start?  Should I begin with telling you about how Envy , as she is known, manifested?  For many of you, this post is the prose to the picture you have been seeing in my header for the last six months.  And I hear the cries!!! its about darn time she shared!!   Well I say to lovely she is!... Envy!!! has arrived in blog land. "Why, would I name my jacket a name such as that?"   Well, I say, when I am sewing, I have the need to name garments that require a lot of emotional input to get it done.  This here was an emotional roller coaster.  Sewing leather is easy, it was the pattern fitting that was the problem.  (I'll get to that more later.)    Back to the name.... I d