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Golden nights and dusty days: The Reversible Bomber Jacket

Well hello my fellow sewcialist. Today is the tale of gold dusted satin and dusty suede. Literally!! For this Reversible Bomber Jacket, I used a fabric that put off gold dust while cutting and sewing, and the suede is dusty, so to be more specific, dusty looking.  More on that in a minute....   It all started long before it actually got cold enough in Houston to need a jacket. I fell hard for a certain jacket. Of course, any fashion conscious person can attest to the need to acquire a garment we see on Pinterest or others wearing.  Especially, as seamstresses, we deal with this covetousness on a daily basis. This was not the case for me, at least not this time. This pattern reminded me of a certain jacket my mom had given me when I was in my early teen years.  Except it was not reversible.  Not being one for designer or purchased clothing, I was elated to receive that BRIGHT LIME GREEN shiny satin bomber jacket, monogrammed with her local union details. Google image. I reme

The 48 Minute Dress

I love the theatre.  Synchronized dance is my favorite, along with any comedy and mystery drama. Though, it seems to be more dependent on my mood at the time I see the season lineup.  This time it was the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Musical .  We ended up going after Christmas, even still it felt like Christmas.  Although prepping for these events and choosing my outfit can be fun, it can also be problematic at the same time.  Deciding what to wear is alway difficult for me, especially, because some of the actual outfits I might want to wear, actually  haven't been sewn yet!  They are all in my head... LOL Unless I plan the event " and sew"  the outfit well in advance, it is disappointing when the time comes to get dressed.  These are the times that commentators can consider sewing to be a Track & Field event. A race to the finish line, over hurdles and around corners, against the best the field has to offer.   We "Sewist" finish strong!!!

"It's Elementary my dear..." The Watson Bra

I have always wanted to wear those cute little "no wire" Victoria's Secret bralettes.  But lets be serious, those are like training bras, really! They are really cute, yet now support.   What came along is this cute little doodad. A pattern put out by Cloth Habit .  This thing fit me great straight off the bat.  You really have to follow the thorough  "step-by-step"  instructions to be successful.     For the panties I compared the pattern to my regular "sloper" TNT pattern  Kwiksew 3238  which is actually a swimwear pattern.  From that comparison, I had to raise the back rise by one inch.  I did not change the legs or front, but next time I will just use my regular pattern.  The straps are 1/2" rings and sliders, with elastic bra straps.  I got mine at Hancock, it was just a "replacement kit".  I bit the bullet on that because my other stock straps were 5/8", so I will have to change the bra to fit the 5/8".  If you