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This is Sparta!! The Seersucker Impostor: Review Newlook 6303

THIS IS SPARTA!!! I dare you come to my home, take up my space, refuse to submit to my will, and manipulate my senses. You have the nerve to present your silken embossed face to me, carrying the seersucker's banner of his calendared forces waving your stripes and feathers before me, while your forces are lined up six stripes and thirty-two inches deep-- all the while laughing at the sheer gesture of my pleading for your submission beneath my needle. "This is my domain!! This is Sew-To-Fit, and I shall have the last laugh!!!   In this corner we have Andrea of Sew-To-Fit, using weapons of mass construction known only to fellow Spartan Sewcialites, and an arsenal of ammunition along with Newlook 6303 the Pattern of the day. Fighting with her, is a team of notions supporting her in this battle of wills and backing her every cut and stitch. Over in the other corner, we have a seersucker impostor, a Silk embossed fabric foe which has the armor of a calendared fin

Vogue 1395: Seagulls in Flight

Creating my own Sun and Sea with Vogue 1395, and a few Seagulls.  These seabirds have come to coexist with me in my fair land of sewing bliss.  No water here, or rocky perches on which to scout for food, but they are more than welcome to give me that since of outdoors, and ride on my back and shoulders as I move about. These fair seagulls were perched atop an end bolt at Hancock fabrics, and was just what I needed to get me to my "happy place." It had been too cold and wet outside to wear, but just warm enough to lift my spirits inside while I worked on other "stuff". What a lovely dress. I am happy just looking at the color and flow, that I might need to have a "Biance" fan when I wear this beauty. -- I can't believe it took me so long to make it.   As soon as I bought the pattern last summer, I set right out to make the pattern corrections and alterations::: Cut Size 14 FBA of 1" (The size 16 would have been too big with a finished w

Birds of a Feather... -Vogue 1387

...should flock together, unless they come near me.  I nabbed a few for myself to have indoors.  I love birds, their sound, the freedom they represent and the beauty of their flight...~and sitting.  Actually, sitting on my fabric, that is where they are this time.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this top.  I was in such a good mood hanging with the birds, that... I video-taped my construction process, in triple time...time-lapse. This is such a deceivingly simple blouse, with several surprise designer details.  Definitely, another regular for my wardrobe rotation.   Pattern Description: it was described as.... Top has self-lined yokes, front pleats, shaped hemline, and very narrow hem.   View A:  Front longer than back mock wrap, pullover,   fitted through bust,   no shoulder seams,   elasticized tie ends for casing,   underarm inset,   and armhole bands.   Pattern Sizing: Pattern sized 6-14 in envelope. I cut a size 14 How did it compare to the envelope picture