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Jewelry Making:: Cute Tops:: and a Pattern Review- Simplicity 1424

What do lobster claws, split rings and jump rings have to do with sewing.  When jewelry making and sewing meet head to head, a person like me is open to whatever comes out of the meeting.  I don't mind learning new things and getting really great ideas to make my handmades look extra special with that little detail that causes it to stand apart in my closet.  Besides, I enjoy DIY in every form, when the mood strikes.  I'm feeling  mighty accomplished because I took the time to learn a little something about jewelry making and how to apply it to garment making.  I know full well I'm not the first to add a little extra, but this is really kinda cool.  A little tedious, but all the same--cool.

Palazzo Pants, another Wrap Top and a Pattern Review: McCall's 6571

I love palazzo pants just as much as I love maxi skirts.  Jeans are not on my radar during the Houston summers.  Only dresses and shorts are my summer attire...but occasionally, when I really want to relax modestly and still feel dressed up enough to go out in this heat, lightweight pants are great.  In this case, the palazzo pants do the trick.   There are so many different patterns on the market for palazzos, but these sort of went under the radar for such a long long time.  As a matter of fact, the envelope even screams "boring."  I spend more time opening pattern envelopes and reading and studying pattern pieces, than I care to admit.  I just want to see how they are designed, because that is my nature, never take anything at face value, and always look under the hood.

Review: McCall's 7099- Jumpsuit craze, I'm feeling it.

I seem to have latched on to this jumpsuit trend. I can't get over how well put together you can look in one easy swoop. No guessing, the same as with a dress, yet legs covered. All that wrapped into one piece. Who knew?  Stylist are kinda smart I think.  They pay attention to everything, so people like me can pick and choose any of the latest designs to match our style and taste.

Wedding Chronicles- The building of a Wedding Gown through the "Eye of the Needle"

Be forewarned-- this is a long post.  It is picture heavy and even a little TMI on my feelings as a new Mother-In-Law.  This is a story about building a wedding dress and building new family ties, this is a story of a Mother's Love through the "Eye of the Needle" from behind the sewing machine. Sewing on the lacing trim and beading. As most of you know, from Instagram post, and other social media...I have been preparing for my son's wedding over the past year.  What a beautiful joyous occasion for all involved. As the Mother of the Groom, of course my duties were far less involved than the MoB.  Although, however, the weight of the task I had to execute, the gown, meant more to the success of the wedding than anything else combined.  A weighty challenge, and a serious burden to say the least.  Dare I make it sound as though I minimize all else that had to be done and orchestrated by the MOB. Quite the contrary, it is my nature to orchestrate events, howeve