Monday, September 28, 2015

Labeling is Everything.

What happens when you don't label your work. SMH. No size, no measurements, no name!! What was I thinking?
I normally hang these things on the pattern hooks or put them in a large envelope and file with name date and measurements. I can't believe I did this. I'm in a real bind now!!!
Oh well.
Such is the life of a seamstress, teacher, YouTuber, wife, mother, grandmother, and boss lady extraordinaire.

Later peeps... I'm off to figure this dilemma out.

"I don't know everything, 
but, I do know a lot about some things, 
so I'll teach you a
few things of what I do know."

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just a Plain old White Shirt: What Makes it a Classic

The hardest thing I have done lately is make this plain Classic White Shirt and this plain white t-shirt. What is the big deal, why do I need these bland pieces in my wardrobe? They are hard to keep "white". Plus, I am a lover of all prints and geometric designs. Sewing solids or even buying solids is one of the most difficult and boring types of sewing I can do aside from making pants. So, when my wardrobe consultant insisted I hunker down and get it done, add more base pieces, I went kicking and screaming off to my sewing cave to do as I was told. The results were, to my surprise, very satisfactory.
Now I have a simple yet extremely versatile top to wear with all the printed skirts I own.
This, to some of you, may sound ridiculous, but for me I just do not plan my wardrobe sewing. I buy fabric, pick patterns and dive in totally based on my mood. It's who I am.
My sewing is freedom to me, the break I require to stay sane in an otherwise cookie cutter existence. So, doing or sewing what everybody else is sewing bothers me to no end. White shirts are all over the fashion scene. I hate trends. Trends remind me of that high school cliche that always dressed alike with their little ties around their necks. Uugghh!!! Lord help them!
Now here I am, falling in, rank and file. It took everything in me not to add some kind of embroidery, or multi-color buttons, or contrasting top stitching to set this puppy off.
But I get it now, versatility!! Let the pairings be my pops of color. So, off I go now planning my accessory purchases in order to add the pops of color I so desperately need in my wardrobe.
I will continue with more "base" wardrobe staples as I am directed. Next up, I am told, is that so called LBD, the little black dress. Why does it have to be little? Is there a funeral in the horizon? Oh well, stay the course my dear child. You will understand soon enough.

Construction Details:
The pattern is Vogue 9029. I cut and sewed a size 14. I made a video also with a size 16 just to show you how I tissue fit myself and compared and explained the size differences and when to choose a larger size here.


I made a 1 1/2" FBA using the seam method.
Lengthened 1" at the waist
Added 3/4" to the sleeve width
All my alterations and fitting details are shown in my video here.

It's part of the Wardrobe Fit-Along I have been doing with my IRL sewing group.

I even filmed a tutorial for you on working with sleeve caps and easing the set-in sleeve fullness without basting here.

Thanks for reading....

Until next time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm teaching at Jo-Ann's Fabrics (Shameless Self Promotion)

That's right, yours truly has new sewing classes scheduled to begin this Saturday, September 19th, at Jo-Ann's Fabrics near Memorial on Katy Freeway, in Houston.

Beginner:: Learn your machine and how to stitch basic seams.

Also, Children's::

Follow the link to register on their website. Click here to register at Jo-Ann's website.

Fitting classes are scheduled for November 7th and December 10th. Stay in the loop and sign up for my email newsletter notifications right to your inbox.
Download the flyer.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

DIY Embroidered Gauze Blouse- Simplicity 1162

No fancy, dressed up pictures here today.  Just a relaxed day, showing just how much rest I need right now.  I made this new top for sitting in the breeze and enjoying the fresh air from the back porch.  Gauze and relaxation, for me, go hand and hand anytime of year.  It's an oversized, comfy top.

I knew I wanted blue as my base embroidery color.  This color just feels cool and calming.  The bright creamy white of the cotton gauze is comfortable in the summer heat and protects you from he sun rays when out and about.
Being such a casual look and yet so stylish, it makes easy fun when you want to have a roomy uninhibited outfit.  Yes, I do wear oversized clothes.
Contruction Details:
Initially, I had the facing piece as a larger underlay to help highlight the embroidery, but it just didn't look right.  Also, because I tore the stabilizer, I ended up with a hole in the front which needed to be camouflaged.  This is some really thin fabric.  Extremely comfortable.
When I tried taking out the larger facing section, I created a tad bit of a tear...the fabric is almost cheesecloth gauze.  One thing after the other right....oh well.  I did persevere to get the look I wanted.  All the flower embroidery designs were standard on my machine...the BERNINA 780, which I have on loan.  The decorative stitching was done on my personal machine the BERNINA 640, which I bought myself.  If really was an afterthought that I added while out of town.  I carry my B640 on trips to the vacation condo whenever I leave town.
 Anyway, after cutting the facing down, and re-sewing it to the smaller one, it gave a much nicer and cleaner look to the front, that actually highlighted the embroidery a little more than I had anticipated.
This was my first time doing embroidery on such an extremely gauzy sheer fabric.  I learned a few tips along the way....
  1. Use a good self adhesive tearaway- wash away stabilizer in the area to be embroidered.
  2. hoop the stabilizer only, not the garment piece because it may stretch the gauze 
  3. gently adhere the fabric piece over the stabilizer securely
  4. when done, do not wash the stabilizer out until you are complete finished sewing the garment (This I learned the hard way....because the fabric became very difficult to handle, and can cause tears.)
  5. Use the gold embroidery needles, they have a coating that doesn't stick to the adhesive.
Pattern Details:  
Simplicity 1162 was used as my base pattern with the change in the facing only.  Simple and too the point.  I cut a size 14 and did not make any pattern alterations.
 Simplicity 1162- pattern
I have worn this several times already, I did not want the sleeves to have any elastic.  I may go back and add some shirring at the middle of the sleeves though, so it won't get caught in anything.
BTW...Don't forget to check out my YouTube videos on fitting shirts this month.  My IRL (in real life) sewing group is still working on the Iconic White Shirt.  
So my videos will help you work out fit issues for the different body types.    This is the playlist for the videos.
Last week was the Petite, RECTANGLE: with Balanced on top and bottom, but boxy, with little or no waist definition. body type.  And this week will be the THE TRIANGLE: Small bust and/or narrow shoulders with full tummy, hips, or thighs. 

Until next time....thanks for following along.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Wardrobe Fit-Along Continues with Blouse Fitting for the Petite Body

Myself and fellow Houston Sewing Fashionistas group members are going full steam ahead working to fit and sew our Iconic White shirts with guidance and instruction on how body types matter, from our very own wardrobe consultant, Roz at See Much Fabric.  As we continue to build a great fitting wardrobe, I continue to welcome you to follow along via my YouTube channel as I fit students and group members' different body types.
 Vogue 8772: Part 1: Fitting for Petites
Vogue 8772: Part 1- Fitting for Petites
This series of videos is of me teaching, fitting and making all the petite-able pattern alterations for Vogue 8772 for our resident Fashionista Ann, with Youtique Bridal.   We have some really talented folks in our group.  Since we don't meet every month, these videos are meant to help members along their journey, and so that I can enjoy visiting and not just teaching during meeting times.
 Vogue 8772: Part 2- Making Pattern Alterations
Vogue 8772: Part 2- Making Pattern Alterations
The videos are of my students, friends, and members who have graciously agreed to videotape their learning experience so you can gain personal knowledge for your body type.  Thus, all areas of alterations may not be covered completely for each body type.  I will try to answer simple general questions here on the blog or in future videos.
Vogue 8772: Part 3- Final Fabric Fitting
Be sure to stay tuned, subscribe, and share, and share again.  "Pretty please."  Click on either of the pictures to watch its related video or here to watch the entire playlist.

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