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It's all about the sheath Dress

Sheath dress!! I have lots of dresses, most of them have multiple design lines, lots of them, and I live for prints, any type of print. Again I say, as with the basic white shirt, here , I don't like sewing plain solid garments. Unless, of course you can see them from a few miles away, not the old "where's Waldo" thing either.  This cute number was made during August this year, when I first started thinking about wardrobe planning. I was originally told to make it plain....but, of course I didn't listen.  Almost 4 months later, and I have yet to find any occasion to wear it.

I got my fix with "Stitch Fix" today..

I recorded my first experience with a styling service.  (click the picture above).  I have never tried using a stylist...I have always wanted to, but only started this year.  Now, working with a wardrobe consultant, I'm learning more about what to look for in the stores.  Sewing for myself is easy, choose the fabric, sew the clothes.  But, actually going to the store to shop is difficult for me.  The two services ask plenty questions about your lifestyle your taste and your body contours. So, along with that I decided to try out this styling and personal shopping service, Stitch Fix  where someone gives you a list of things they think will work with who you are based off answers you provided on a detailed survey.  I figured I would see what they think about my style personality, and if I like what they send me,  than if I like it that much,  I could then just sew my own, since I know the garment would be way more than I would be willing to pay, or worst of all not fit my body

NewLook 6378: The Kimono- New life for an old concept

You brought new life to an old concept.  Simplicity, are you there?  I think we can now be friends.  You are bringing new life into my low mojo sewing world, no frills, just plain and simple style without all the bells and whistles.  I've been having trouble sewing lately, which is why my friends have been encouraging me to go simple.  Something, I don't really do very well.  The harder the better is my motto, however, that can be stifling at times and limits my creativity.  Which again, is why I say, thank you simplicity and newlook. Oh, yes, and as I said before, wardrobe styling is not my thing, but I can put together some clothes on the machine.  You know that thing we all love...the sewing machine.  This fabric has been with me a while waiting to be added to the rotation and so here it is in all its glory.  And I love it!  Especially, with my basic "white button down shirt" presented in my fitting videos on youtube .  This is a striped rayon knit, with w

Menswear Tailoring: The Final Chapter, an Adventure in Quilting.

After an unusually long respite, I now question myself on my organization and planning skills.  But I say to you "What does tailoring have in common with quilting?"  Is there a special skill required besides a single straight stitch, what mathematical calculations or algebraic algorithms are required to become skilled in the art of piecing squares and triangles, binding edges, planning fabric, and sorting techniques.  Could they be one in the same when time is considered.  I know precision is a necessary component in the equation.  Yet, now, I am convinced that there is more. The suit Jacket was finished in March and engagement photos were taken then as well.  But it's no secret, by now, that I didn't finish for his birthday! (I intended to finish Last Year 2014!!!)  I had all intentions of doing something fast and furious.  This time, I think maybe I bit off more than I could chew given the timeframe and all the holiday affair, moving my sewing room,  and, of cou

Reuse: Recycle: Repurpose- Another use for Pattern Tissue

For some reason lately, I have been seriously considering my impact on the environment with the waste I create in my sewing studio.  Re-using all that I possibly can has been at the top, then there of course is the recycling and up cycling that is everywhere.  But what about "re-purposing?"  Plenty times I hear and have seen in designer workrooms the use of tissue for sewing specialty fabrics.  Silk charmeuse comes to mind right away, mainly because this is what I was working on today.  I decided, after looking at the pile of trash overflowing from the trashcan to the floor...all pattern tissue scraps, why not?  Use the tissue paper from the patterns!!  DingDong!! there you go..repurposing. It is time we all start considering the waste we produce for one wardrobe...our own.  If we produce this much waste just creating our own wardrobe.  Consider the amount produced when manufactured waste is added up times a million wardrobes.  Quilters have had this figured out for a ver

Easy to Fit Mock Wrap Dress: NewLook 6301

This dress sewed up so quick and easy that I feel bad I didn't cut and make two while I was at it...!  I was in need of a really simple make that would give me a cute silhouette, and be easy to fit.  Fitting is a big deal for me.  Not on an OCD level, but one that requires me to always, and I mean always, make certain adjustments no matter how simple the pattern. This pattern was just what I needed and didn't fail.  No muslin, just flat pattern measurements, and knowing what stretch factor I was dealing with helped me to get this one just right the first time.  Woo!! Woo!!!   (Forgive the weird was storming outside, and I just had to get these photos done because I couldn't wait to share with y'all.) Ah man!! I really like the hem on this dress.  The a-line shape of the skirt makes it really comfortable and hangs really nicely from the derrière so gracefully.  The bodice is comfortable because I used a mid-weight single knit (ITY) that is not ov