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My Apologies for my absence....I am not MIA::: I'm Periscoping Live!!

I have been semi-MIA from my blog for way too long my wonderful sewing friends.  This new social media outlet, Periscope, has become a real goto for me because I love talking about sewing in real-time.  Dispensing fitting help during my new "Fit Friday" scopes: But, to do that, I have allowed my friends and family to be left behind who enjoy reading about my fun adventures in my sewing room.  So with this, I ask your forgiveness.  I am back, and you will be seeing a total turn around of blogging write-ups to get you up-to-date on my activities.   Just to name a few,  some of the fun things I have been working on include:

DIY Tutorial:- The Dior Rose

 Embellishing any garment or special occasion dress can be easy using this fantastic rose. The Dior Rose: Template- cut three oval/football shapes that have points at the end.  They should be one smaller than the other.  My first one is 7.5" x 5.5" then each other is smaller than that.  ( click here for the patterns.) Make sure to put the templates on the true bias. Cut out three of each size.

How to be a Designer: Where Do You Start?

As a freelance Pattern Designer, I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented and creative designers.  These designers have specialized in such things as bags, dresses, formal wear and day wear.  However, my daily services include such things as pattern alterations, pattern grading and creating personalized slopers for those that sew for themselves as well as those who sew for others.  So, where does that leave you in the scope of my services?   Here are a few great books I recommend that will help get you started in your chosen field of design. At the very top of my list and I do highly recommend this one::   The Entrepreneur's Guide To Sewn Product Manufacturing, by Kathleen Fasanella  for anyone who has a desire to go into business designing and producing sewn products for sale either online or off.  

Beary Merry Christmas Hanging Advent Quilt: Both a first

The holidays have gotten me in the mood to try new things. After having attended the Houston Quilt festival in month and my new respect for quilters, I have set out to try it myself with this very minimal project.