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The Renfrew is now my favorite T-shirt

Creating the prized t-shirt. This is my favorite make of all comfort makes.  But today I just didn't have enough fabrics for the full collar affect so I just folded out whatever amount necessary for it to fit on the fabric I did have available.  That was a sum total of three inches I will not be enjoying. Thus, I needed to make a complimentary contrasting piece for the main collar piece. No problem. Black it is for this make. That should be a great addition to the wardrobe.  

The Great Gatsby and the need for Fringe

I remembered this project from last month when I was in the mall the other day, something I DO NOT normally do, as I really seriously hate shopping.  But, what I do like to do is research and analyze.  I was actually trying to get ideas for some outfits I have in the pipeline for Rodeo season here, which is upon us.  Some things I found were a big use of grommets and still hanging strong are zippers and fringe.  Now, I don't know about you, but I personally have not gotten into the fringe just yet.  But I do recognize when its needed on a garment.  As with this dress... I did some updating for my daughter in prep for her company's "The Great Gatsby" holiday party which she attended.

Sunny Bright in Dim Light...McCalls 6797

Yellow is such a wonderful boost to my overall state of mind.  The light was dim, but the top was the sun.  I needed something quick to sew to get me over this hump with all the other fitting work and projects I have been working on.  This was a really quick top to make....actually it was all of 1 hour, and that was because I had problems with the stitching because I was too lazy to actually change the needle to a "stretch" needle.  Of course I know better, since I did write a tutorial on sewing on knits... here ...go figure.  "Do as I say, not as I do, right?"  OOOps.

The winner is.... Trash2Tees book giveaway!!!

Congratulations lived4th1..!!!! Please send me an email via the mailbox link under my profile picture so that Jennelle and I can forward you the link for your new book.   It's so exciting to be able to give away to a lucky winner a free copy of the book,   "The Upcycled T-shirt Book,  by Jenelle Montilone.  Thank you all for participating in this giveaway, and taking time to consider the impact you could make from your sewing room.

Trash2Tees: Workwear to Fashion Wear...Do your part to save the earth!!!

Many, many times I talk about how much I hate to waste fabric in my sewing projects.  Which is why I enjoy using the tissue fitting method of fitting my patterns when I make my own clothes.  When you find others who see things the way you do and share the same ideals about living and being more accountable for our resources, you want to support their efforts to make a difference. So, after meeting Jenelle Montilone, the author of "The Upcycled T-shirt Book," I was inspired to create something with the leftover t-shirts in my own home.  I took an old work t-shirt from my husband and dyed it to color and created this cute number.

Sequins and Pyramids- Holiday dressing

It is said by more than a few stylist in the world of fashion that I should have at least one "fancy" skirt, in this case a sequin skirt for the fun times and events....whether dressed up or down.  A piece such as this is a great go to item for any holiday or celebratory occasion.  Well, I do as I am told by my wardrobe consultant.  See, I made a sequin skirt.  Guess what???  I love it!!!