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10 Industrial Sewing Machine Feet

In this video I explain the sewing machine presser feet that I have and use the most with my Juki DDL-8300N industrial sewing machine.  I also use my BERNINA home machine in tandem with this one.

Tulle Skirt for "Mini-Me"

Did I ever tell you how my child waits until the last minute to ask me to sew something for Mini-Me? I do seriously believe that when ideas come to her mind, she believes there are no limits to my abilities. Also, I believe, that I don't have any sense of bounds where my granddaughter's needs are concerned, no matter how little time I have. It's a no-brainier, when my child has an idea for an outfit for my granddaughter, I just cannot say no, and whatever it is, has to be top notch. This tulle skirt came about because Jennifer dreamt up an idea for a pearls and tulle Christmas Photoshoot. Each year she does a different theme, this years theme required a skirt that gave all the fluff I could give for a child yet not make it look like a toddler tutu.  Well you know what I did....I did what any Mimi would do.  I took care of my business and made a gorgeous, beautiful tulle skirt for my Mini-Me.  Doesn't she look absolutely magnificent in this 25 yards of tulle fabr

Shirt making For The Big & Tall Man:: Burda 6874

More shirt making for my better half and I say it looks great on him. My son had his new shirt and this time around the man of the house gets to have his day in the spotlight.  Sewing for the Big & Tall or shall I say Athletic & Tall guys, is much more different than sewing my my son, who is pretty slim and wiry. I have not had any formal training in sewing men's shirts. I just look at pictures and figure things out by looking at his rtw shirts before I make it up. Fit is a big deal for any athletically built guy. There are big biceps, strong short neck, full shoulders and wide broad chest, tall build at 6'2" plus. These days they want their shirts to fit tighter yet not look like they are stuffed into a garment meant for a smaller man. So, I am having to learn how to fit the "big & tall" not so big but muscular dude.   Typical patterns are useless to say the least because unless it's custom you can forget it ever fitting. Because of that, I h

Buttonholes: Coats, Jeans, and Silk.- Tutorial

Since everyone is sewing jeans and denim jackets lately, I thought I might mention my tutorial which I posted on the Bernina USA Blog, WeAllSew. You can find a full tutorial and tips for getting better buttonholes on your machine, here , or by pressing the picture. Enjoy.