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Completed: Mom Goes to an "All White Party"

Now you all know I am a sucker for last minute projects, especially when the request comes from my Mom.  So, this is how it went last week (Wednesday) on a visit to her house.  She informed me that she couldn't find anything to wear to an "All White" party, that's in two days.  Yep!!! Two days. I would only have Wednesday night and all day Thursday to complete the challenge.  At this particular point she knew there would be no way I'd let her look anything but FABULOUS!!! We decided to peruse the internet in search of something she might like.   Considering, she loves the 70s style and she definitely wanted a jumpsuit, that was already confirmed.  All we had to do at this point is find a jumpsuit that was her style and also fabulous.  We did find quite a few ideas online,  more than we could count, but we just didn’t have time to order one. Mom always gets what she wants!  After determining the design, I looked for a pattern comparable to her desired design