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Buyer beware - Electrical Fire Hazards and Sewing Room Safety

Buyer Beware!! Electrical Fire Hazards and Sewing Room Safety I had an electrical shortage in my sewing room due to overloading a circuit that did not present itself at the “electrical panel/ breaker box”.    When I talked to the electrician, I discovered a term they commonly refer to as a “dirty circuit”.    (which means the electricity was still going to the room inside the wall, but wasn’t shut off by the breaker “tripping” or automatically switching off.    The electrician explained to me how to calculate and read the information on the manuals for all my appliances and determine how much electrical load each was pulling on the breaker for each circuit. In this video,  here: I am explaining how irons created a fire hazard and unsafe conditions in my sewing room.   Buyer beware is more to help you protect yourself and your family from unknown fire hazards in our electrical outlets and circuits.   I explain to you what I learned about amps, amper